Nikki Sixx Rejects Tour With Fired Motley Crue Bandmate


Motley Crue frontman Nikki Sixx recently confirmed that they will be taking the “Stadium Tour” worldwide in 2023. Sixx replied and gave a little more information about the band’s plans and also addressed the possible inclusion of John Corabi.

Nikki Sixx opens up on John Corabi

According to Sixx, however, the future of Mötley is looking decidedly Corabi-less. Asked by another fan whether John Corabi is likely to be featured on any future gigs, or whether the band plans to revisit the material recorded with their other singer, Sixx simply replied: “No

And with the arrival of John 5, the end of the “Stadium Tour” run doesn’t necessarily mean the end of Mötley Crüe – in fact, Nikki confirmed that the band intends to keep on going for at least 8 more years.

Replying to a fan who asked whether the band plans on returning to South America following after the tour dates scheduled for next year, Sixx wrote:

“Always. We have no plans of stopping now. We’re having too grand of a time and in a short 8 years we will celebrate 50 years together as a band.”

With the debut US stretch of Mötley’s comeback tour with Def Leppard, Poison, and Joan Jett & The Blackhearts having done so well, the band recently confirmed that they will be taking the “Stadium Tour” worldwide in 2023.

Rumors recently emerged that John 5 might be eyeing to replace Motley Crue guitarist Mick Mars. The band has officially recruited John 5 following Mick Mars’s decision to no longer tour with the band.