New Trailer For Twin Peaks Queens of Hearts Fan Film, Chrysta Bell ‘Touched’ By Project


‘Twin Peaks: Thought of the Day’ Obnoxious and Anonymous podcast host Cameron Cloutier has an IndieGoGo campaign for a Twin Peaks fan film titled Queen of Hearts, and the campaign ends in one week. View a new trailer below.

Chrysta Bell, who plays Special Agent Tammy Preston on Twin Peaks, recently tweeted about the fan project: “This kind of devotion to the world of #TwinPeaks is so touching to me. If you have ever felt the desire to help #SaveAnnie now is your chance!”

The campaign states: “Twin Peaks” was my “Star Wars”. Perfect tone, mood, writing, directing, acting, music.

Fall 1990: While my high school watched “Beverly Hills 90210”, I was the 14 year old who stayed home on Saturday nights and watched “Twin Peaks”. Needless to say, I wasn’t exactly the cool kid. I didn’t care. I was happy.

Fall 2017: I was recently asked, “What creative project would you like to work on next?” I replied, “Make the “Twin Peaks” film I’ve been dreaming of since high school.”

So here we are.

  • Super Scout

    This trailer for Queen Of Hearts looks awesome! Hopefully the film will be fully funded.

    • Leslie

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