Famous Nine Inch Nails Fan Demands Concert Refund: ‘My Night Is Ruined’


SSSniperwolf complained about Nine Inch Nails’ tour kickoff in Phoenix on Thursday night, demanding a refund after the band did not play “Closer.” She is a famous video game YouTuber who has 11.1 million YouTube followers, 1 million Twitter followers, 3.5 million Instagram followers, and 2.4 million Facebook followers.

She wrote in her Instagram story, “Wtf they didn’t play Closer and copy of a WTF I want a refund.”

She tweeted, “Umm I went to a @nineinchnails concert and they didn’t play their most popular song closer???? What They didn’t even play copy of A. My night is ruined and this was so disappointing.”

“How tf do they not play that like everyone waited at the end like it was a joke lol.”

Apparently NIN playing their 1992 EP Broken in its entirety for the first time wasn’t enough?

View her tweets and the concert setlist below.

Last (first time live since 2009)
Help Me I Am in Hell
Happiness in Slavery (first time live since 1995)
Gave Up
Physical (You’re So) (Adam and the Ants cover) (first time live since 2009)
Suck (Pigface cover) (first time live since 2013)
March of the Pigs
The Lovers
Shit Mirror
I’m Afraid of Americans (David Bowie cover)
The Hand That Feeds
Head Like a Hole

  • big guy

    who cares

  • Michael Brown

    Headline: Basic-ass girl didn’t get her FUCK ME LIKE AN ANIMAL song and spilled her Starbucks all over her Uggs.

    • 1wrightman

      Uggs are so over, at least 2 years ago

  • Arturo Yescas


  • Kay B

    “Closer” is their worst song and Trent knows this. It’s probably the only song she knows by NIN and she likes it because of the over used lyric we all know. Get over yourself sweetie.

    • Trovoid

      All of those songs off Broken along with tracks like Reptile and she still isn’t happy.

      People need to learn to appreciate the deep cuts more.

      • Kay B

        Can’t agree more. Most bands best songs are not what they play everyday on the radio. But then again it is probably the only song she actually knows by NIN. “The Immigrant Song” he did with Atticus and Karen O surpass “Closer” in words I can’t even explain.

        • Trovoid

          Yeah Trent’s career has matured gracefully with the addition of film scores along with his new releases. I used to listen to NIN a lot and always loved the lesser known tracks especially from albums like The Fragile. Haven’t see TGWTDT (heard some tracks from it though) but I remember the Social Network soundtrack being incredible.

          • Kay B

            I think Trent has matured as a person as well.

  • jason(thehallospaceboy)

    What a dumb bitch n obviously NOT a true fan! I woulda payed extra just for the broken set n trent covering im afraid of Americans!!

  • agentboolen

    Ok you write a popular song and play it at every concert you perform, don’t you think you’d get tired of playing it eventually? Not every NIN concert should be the same, I could see why Trent chose to not do it. Hurt, March of the pigs, I’m afraid of Americans and Head like a hole got played and the Broken EP is awesome.

    Since when does a morons opinion matter?! This song list sounds like a awesome night to me! When social media people have too much opinion, that’s what this is. I’m on Trent’s side, just glad he’s doing shows after the Wave goodbye tour. She’s not a fan of NIN, just a moron that likes the song Closer.

  • Tyrone Blackman

    Looks like a solid set list. I’ve seen nin 7 times. They played closer every time. I was even tired of the song. I would love to have heard I’m afraid of Americans or happiness in slavery.

  • Brian Ashton Lee

    This tour is for diehard fans, not casual listeners. They’ve played closer tons of times for many years. Trent has stated early on that they are digging out special songs and treats for their fans on this one.
    If you want to watch them play closer, there’s a website you might have heard called YouTube. Look for the Woodstock show, or the possible 100s of different times they did play closer.
    Ungrateful millenials. Next time stay at home.

    • Holly Bailey

      Has nothing to do with being a millennial, just an entitled little girl.

    • Dylar81

      Yeah, they went for those deep cuts like “Hurt” and “Head Like a Hole.”

  • Brook phillips

    Typical self obsessed streamer. Get back to your 12 year old demographic.

  • Holly Bailey

    Clearly not an actual fan, just some little girl taking the tickets that someone that would have appreciated the night couldn’t get.

  • Rec Store Pre Wife

    Famous video game YouTuber huh? Does she play shity indie horror games and overreact to jump scares? Or report on Fortnite news? Clearly her uninformed opinion is off very high value…

  • Koul

    They played it at the Friday show fyi 😉

  • Cunt Fuckula

    LMFAO “Famous Nine Inch Nails Fan”…It absolutely amazes me how fucking stupid people are, that they’ll follow and celebritize anyone and anything, like this fucktard “Youtube Gamer” bimbo. She even gets the uber-hip verification checkmark thing next to her name, like she’s actually anyone at all.

    Pro-tip: anyone can get those fucking things. I made my own on Twitter, was approached *by Twitter* about “using theirs” and told them to fuck right off, well and quick.

    Twitter, Sniperwolf Bimbo Gamer and especially that arrogant twat Matt Dunphy over at Echoing the Sound can lick my taint. Pull out your cock, show some titties or start up a fledgling NIN fanboard full of femi-nazis and SJWs and suddenly everyone’s a celebrity? Hahahaha right.

  • Cunt Fuckula

    Also, Matt Dumbphy aka Leviathant is not a fan of Bret Buchanan or Alternative Nation, as evidenced here: https://www.echoingthesound.org/community/threads/5189-Internet-famous-whiner-complains-about-not-seeing-Closer

  • Hamburger_Cheese


  • Joanna Kenyon

    I’m sure Trent is extremely worried about the opinion of one “fan”. He may end up retiring because he disappointed ONE LITTLE GIRL.

  • brian botkiller
  • Mr. Surname

    Guess there’s one less horror in the dark side of NIN’s fanbase.

    P.S Her voice should be listed as a major risk factor for brain aneurysms.