Vince Neil Reveals Truth About Motley Crue Replacement


The decision of Motley Crue to hire John 5 as a replacement for the legendary Mick Mars has been the subject of much heated discussion among fans of the iconic rock band. The frontman of the group, Vince Neil, recently spoke about this decision in an interview with “AXS TV.”

Vince stated: “We really love John. He was ready to play the set before we even hired him; he knows all the Motley Crue songs. He knew everything down to the letter. So we didn’t have to do a lot of rehearsing for the stadium tour, because he was right there.”

John 5 is a longtime friend of the band, and was already familiar with all of Motley Crue’s songs before joining. This not only demonstrates the guitarist’s deep knowledge and respect for the band’s music, but also his passion for it. Despite being initially hired as a touring member only, John 5 has already been featured in teasers for new music with the band, indicating that he has already become an integral part of the group.

John would speak not only on his new job, but also all of the accusations of backing tracks left by Mick Mars. He said: “Here’s what makes me crazy… well, it doesn’t really make me crazy because when people say we’re playing to backing tracks, I take it as a compliment because we rehearse so hard. We even have penalty flags if someone messes up at rehearsal — we throw a penalty flag at them. We rehearse so much and I take it as a compliment because it means we sound that good live. In my heart of hearts, I know that we’re playing live.”

Vince Neil’s glowing praise for John 5’s musical abilities is also noteworthy. This not only speaks to the guitarist’s undeniable talent, but also the band’s commitment to finding a suitable replacement for the iconic Mars. It is a testament to Motley Crue’s enduring legacy that they have been able to continue making music despite the absence of one of their founding members.

Overall, it is clear that John 5’s addition to Motley Crue is a positive development for the band and its fans. While it remains to be seen how the new music will turn out, it is exciting to see the group continuing to evolve and grow, even after decades of making music.