Nirvana Were Planning Huge Tour With Punk & Metal Legends When Kurt Cobain Died


When quite a few veteran metal bands were softening their sound or “going alternative” in the ‘90s, Max Cavalera refused to budge – offering up classic metal releases with Sepultura (1993’s Chaos AD and 1996’s Roots), Nailbomb (1994’s Point Blank), and Soulfly (1998’s self-titled debut). And Cavalera continues to carry the metal torch, as evidenced by Soulfly’s current US tour, which also features Cannabis Corpse, Noisem, and Lody Kong, and will go until November 10th (complete dates listed here).

Cavalera spoke to Alternative Nation from the road about the tour, upcoming projects, and his relationships with the members of Nirvana. The full interview can be read by clicking here. When I asked him about Dave Grohl trying to get Sepultura on a tour with Nirvana, he had the following to say:

“Yeah, he and the bass player were talking about it. I think they wanted to take us and the Dead Kennedys – which would have been an insane tour. Sepultura, the Dead Kennedys, and Nirvana would have been great – it would have been one of the best tours ever. But it never came to life unfortunately, because Kurt passed away. But Dave is a big fan of my stuff – I got him to do the intro for my book. He was really honored that I would ask him to do that. He loves RootsRoots is one of his favorite records of all time. So, I’m very happy that we got to meet him – he’s really cool.”

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  • Stone Gossardish

    Either that, or Nirvana was broken up at the time of the Cobain death. Both stories seem destined to exist forever.

    This isn’t a new thing, folks. The Who had technically kicked Moon out of the band before he died, though he was expected to be allowed back in.

    Who knows what was true at the time. All we know is that was nearly 25 years ago now.

    • makingconnections

      Sometimes it seems we get obsessed with knowing exactly what happened when. I just had a relative visiting who wanted to tell stories of who did what when and establish who was right and who was wrong…all that stuff. After a certain time, probably rather quickly actually, we have to just leave it to be our shared history and try to remember the goodness that there was. The Seattle musicians of 25 years ago must have amazing memories to share with each other.

  • Hutttrash

    Who bloody cares, the main thing to take from this is the sky is a neighborhood

    • makingconnections

      I like that image…..a lot better than I like little souls floating around a big man with a white robe and long grey beard!

  • Corndog

    “Nirvana Were Planning Huge Tour With Punk & Metal Legends When Kurt Cobain Died”

    I would have planned it before he died personally;)