Nirvana React To Challenging Of Kurt Cobain Murder Conspiracy Theories On Facebook


Last week, Nirvana’s Facebook page shared Alternative Nation’s ‘Top 10 Reasons Why Kurt Cobain Wasn’t Murdered’ article, written by Mike Ratherson.  Ratherson just edited in a couple of new updates to the piece. The article has the subheadline: ‘Why Kurt Cobain Murder Conspiracies Are BS.’

Nirvana’s post received 20,000 likes, and its share of interesting comments from Kurt ‘truthers’ and also from people who agreed with the article, which you can view below. Alternative Nation will have a followup piece on this story tomorrow.

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  • Corndog

    You know why right? Yep, because Nirvana know that Kurt is alive and well and living in Canada with Steve McQueen and Bruce Lee. Why isn’t Tom Grant looking that shit up?

  • Jason kasepchuk

    The crap that people about his family doesn’t believe he was killed well you do know and this documented that Courtney spent thousands on lawyers to question and basically tell all of Kurt’s family and friends that if you talk in any way about what happened that she didn’t like that she would drag you into court and most of them don’t have the money to fight her