Paul McCartney Reveals ‘Cruel’ George Harrison Photo


The official twitter account for The Beatles tweeted out the following George Harrison Christmas message just in time for the holiday season. The message read the following. “Brightly was the shown that night, though the winter cruel, When a poke pie came inside, Gath’rin winter gruel.” – George.  George Harrison unloading on John Lennon hatred revealed.

Paul McCartney revealed this George Harrison deathbed ‘threat’ last week. In other news revolving George Harrison and the Beatles, fans recently took to social media to reflect upon to Harrison’s 1979 self-titled album.

One fan said: “I loved the single, Blow Away, when it was a hit in 1979, and got the album in 1982. It hasn’t been out of my collection or off my playlist since. The entire album is lovely, and there’s not a track on it worth skipping. George’s voice, melodies, and guitar are all in fine form. What a shame that so many people aren’t aware of this record. I sometimes think I enjoy it even more than All Things Must Pass.”

While another put: “I have the original of this album from 1979 on record also cassette and first release CD. Needed a new copy as old one is worn! Still a great G.H record great music and if you have not heard this you will be totally surprised! Very commercial for him and not very religious as earlier 1970’s albums. Well worth a listen. My fav. tracks were and still are “Love Comes To Everyone” and “Blow Away” but there is really not a bad song on this CD!

And this reviewer saying: “This is a lovely album, one of George’s best. He is a quietly profound composer and a supremely talented musician. His beautiful, spare demo of “Here Comes The Moon” makes me wish George had done an entire album of acoustic music, just him and his guitar. When I listen to this album, I listen to it twice because I hate for it to end.” John Lennon’s ‘goodbye’ letter to George Harrison was also revealed.