Original Smashing Pumpkins Reunite To Sue Leaker: ‘This Isn’t A Robin Hood Helping Out The Impoverished’


The Smashing Pumpkins made a Facebook post earlier this week reacting to the recent leak of unreleased Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness material. Billy Corgan said that he and his original Smashing Pumpkins bandmates Jimmy Chamberlin, James Iha, and D’arcy Wretzky are ‘unified’ on legal issues, and plan to prosecute the culprit. The post was later deleted, but Alternative Nation managed to capture it.

“A NOTE REGARDING LEAKS FROM THE PUMPKINS ARCHIVES: Recently, some ‘fresh’ tracks, albeit outtakes and work product from 20+ years ago, surfaced on the internet. And though such releases are celebrated by fans and media alike, they are the product of theft and should not be applauded as such. Remember, whoever the culprit is, they do not reveal themselves for fear of prosecution. This, ladies and gentlemen, is not some Robin Hood helping out the impoverished. And when they are found out, we, The Smashing Pumpkins (and yes, the original 4 are unified on such issues) will prosecute to the fullest extent of the law as well as bring a civil suit; for undoubtedly this person is a former employee. And in that, we will reward whoever helps bring this matter to its just result. But that does not mean we don’t have our suspicions and leads. It’s only a matter of time.”

“One and Two” originally appeared on James Iha’s 1998 solo album Let It Come Down, and an unreleased demo version also featuring Iha on lead vocals also appeared on Smashing Pumpkins’ Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness reissue in 2012. Alternative Nation uncovered a newly leaked version of “One and Two” on YouTube over the weekend from the Mellon Collie sessions featuring Billy Corgan on lead vocals. It is one of the few recordings known of Corgan singing lead vocals on an Iha penned track. Corgan laughs throughout the recording, and at the end Iha apologizes to everyone in the room.

Another Mellon Collie era track also leaked, “The Tracer” from Pastichio Medley.

  • Jesusswept

    Reunite to sue their fans for enjoying their music? sure. Makes sense.
    Reunite to play music for their fans? Preposterous

    • AnEternalEnigma

      Who the hell ever said they were suing fans? Are you not capable of reading?

      • Jesusswept

        Is it possible the “former employee” is a fan? Are you capable of thinking?

  • nevernamed

    LOL. well then..

  • jcal7

    Could Corgan have been a revered 90’s musician with a couple of classic albums? And was he his own worst enemy in ruining his own legacy? I mean his personality getting so much in the way of the music. I don’t think I can name an openly mean spirited front person in music? He seems to hate his fans, and doesn’t look to be enjoy playing under the Pumpkins. Could that be the real reason they have become largely irrelevant to any discourse? Take Radiohead as an example, although they kept the quality up and never released a bad album but loosened up, and are spoken of, I know friends of mine who have grown out of this music will check them out… But billy, most people lost interest and most paying attention is because it’s like a car crash you cannot look away from….

    What I will say is that I really like momumenys and look forward to an album will Jimmy back, and that it sounds like from the blurb that Billy will revel in punishing this person… Ffs the are offering a reward!! Is the fat bald gimp trying to be a modern sheriff of Nottingham. You would recoup more money by learning compassion and reuniting the band for a tour, rather than a lawsuit…. Oh the irony! A lawsuit gets them united….

    • monjenl

      Billy loves his fans and treats us well. Maybe if you were one you would know that.

      • jcal7

        Did I offend you and the other Jonestown members with my questions? Can you go further and explain how he treats you well?

        • Corndog

          Keeps replacing the band members with fresh ones before they go stale and stink up the joint?

          Nah, i got nothing….

      • Jimmy Intense

        Billy is an egotistical asshole that only treats himself well. Put down the kool-aid

      • Corndog

        I’m a fan of his music (well, most of it) but i think the guy is a total dick stick. He comes across as a really arrogant whiny arsehole in interviews.

  • Jimmy Intense

    I do not adore this course of events. Billy, you cannot stop the machina. Your music was but once a dream of siamese proportions but now you’ve surely succumbed to your own mellon of infinite sadness.

    • Nikdik

      Time to the future embrace.

  • Felonious Punk

    I heard they’re looking at Doug McCausland Greg Prato of Alt Nation as possible culprits..

  • Chris Stewart

    The guy should be happy anybody cares about his music. And the only people who got enjoyment out of that were your hardcore loyal fans who still look for rare tidbits like this. I don’t understand this. Also he will have the same problem that Axl Rose had when suing over the Chinese Democracy leaks. If you can’t prove you were gonna release the music then it has no value. I’m pretty sure that’s what ended up happening with that whole situation.

  • Wam Meesly

    I found the “unification” to be suspicious as BC claimed the rights to all the music and lyrics, not sure how that pans out for royalties of album sales, perhaps someone can explain this? I do find it difficult to believe that all four are suddenly speaking based on this alone.
    Presuming this was a theft from a label owned vault, it has to be a small pool of suspects. And the above post was then deleted? Strange.