Unreleased Billy Corgan & James Iha Smashing Pumpkins Collaboration Leaks


“One and Two” originally appeared on James Iha’s 1998 solo album Let It Come Down, and an unreleased demo version also featuring Iha on lead vocals also appeared on Smashing Pumpkins’ Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness reissue in 2012. Alternative Nation uncovered a newly leaked version of “One and Two” on YouTube over the weekend from the Mellon Collie sessions featuring Billy Corgan on lead vocals. It is one of the few recordings known of Corgan singing lead vocals on an Iha penned track. Corgan laughs throughout the recording, and at the end Iha apologizes to everyone in the room.

Another Mellon Collie era track also leaked, “The Tracer” from Pastichio Medley.