Ozzy Osbourne Called Out By Big Name For Screwing Bandmate


The Prince of Darkness, Ozzy Osbourne was called out by The Metal God, Eddie Trunk during a recent edition of Trunk’s SiriusXM show. Eddie Trunk confronted the Black Sabbath icon because Osbourne said in a recent interview with he regretted former bandmate, Bill Ward, not being on the Black Sabbath farewell tour. This led Trunk to get hot under the collar, claiming that Osbourne should have taken responsibility. Alternative Nation transcribed Trunk’s comments:

Trunk: Seeing this when it made the rounds over the weekend made my blood boil to be honest with you. First of all, is this the catalyst for another [Black] Sabbath farewell tour? Is this is a catalyst for the farewell with all four members? 

Co-Host: The real final tour.

Trunk: The real farewell, let’s do it one more time! That remains to be seen. Could Bill Ward have done it physically? We will never know because he wasn’t given the opportunity. The last thing I will say is that I got to be honest with you. I really wish in some way, shape or form that one day Ozzy [Osbourne] would really take responsibility for his career and not let things that he doesn’t want to happen, happen. You know, whether it be other people replacing other tracks on records, people not getting gold or platinum records or people not getting proper writing credits. You know, the bass and drums re-recorded on the first two records [were] sacrilege, everybody knew it. Then Ozzy writes his book saying: “Oh, I really wish that didn’t happen”. You’re a grown man, take responsibility for your actions, for your career, what happens and the impact and the ripple effect that decisions in which are made, have. 

Trunk continues:

Trunk: So now, now, I really wish Bill was part of it. I don’t care if it’s Ozzy, Geezer [Butler] or Tony [Iommi]. Where was the problem with Bill? Why wasn’t he given a proper deal? I don’t want to hear about it in retrospect, I don’t want to hear about it being about lawyers, managers – no. At the end of the day, Black Sabbath was started by four people. Tony, Geezer, Bill, and Ozzy. Okay, three of them were part of the last tour. Those three people are the beginning and end with what happens with Black Sabbath. Managers, agents, lawyers, they all work for those people.