Ozzy Osbourne Makes Awful Career Ending Claim


Ozzy Osbourne recently discussed his first Black Sabbath departure in a new Kerrang interview, and he said that he believed his music career was over.

“There was no challenge anymore with Sabbath at the time, we’d all outgrown each other. But it’s like being married to a woman and falling out of love, and thinking, ‘I no longer want to be with her… but what if I meet someone who’s worse than her?’ It’s a very big decision to just go, ‘F**k this!’

I actually left, and then went back, and then they fired me, so I thought, ‘Okay, well, I’ve no fucking choice now.’ I remember being in Le Parc Hotel [in Los Angeles], thinking, ‘Well, this is it, I’m f**king done now.’”

Ozzy’s son Jack Osbourne also shared a touching photo on Father’s Day.

“Happy Father’s Day to this guy. I could write something long an elaborate about him, but that is the kinda stuff that’s best left between him and I. Just know I am the man I am today because of him. I love you dad. #fathersday”

Carnie Wilson commented, “You just have a way with words my friend. Always blows my mind. Happy Father’s Day to both of you .❤️❤️”

jadanovic commented, “Ozzy holding his baby son with a butt hanging out of his mouth.. sweet and hilarious… those were the days…”

shannon_caschera commented, “This is my 1st father’s day since my dad passed away……to say that today has sucked would be a total under statement. If your dad is still around, make every second count, because someday all you’ll have are the memories. 😢😢💔”