Paul McCartney Disgusting ‘Spit’ Story Revealed


The Beatles legend Paul McCartney was spotted with his wife in Park Sao Paulo in Brazil last week bird watching, WDEL are reporting via Daily Mail. Sources told Daily Mirror, “It was a wonderful way to chill out.”

McCartney has discussed a disgusting way that he bird watches: spitting when he sees a certain bird.

He said he’s a bird lover because they are “symbolic of freedom,” and that he’s been a bird fan since his young days growing up in Liverpool.

He said, “I’ve always liked birds. It’s a theme of mine. I think they’re symbolic of freedom, of flying away.

As a kid, I was a keen ornithologist and had a little pocket book, the Observer’s Book Of Birds.

I lived on the outskirts of Liverpool and could walk just a mile to be in quite deep countryside.”

McCartney said he is very superstitious when it comes to magpies, but that he’s “very inspired” by the black and white feathered creatures, which many see as an annoyance.

“Living in the country, I see a lot of them. “You see one and you spit or salute. I happen to spit. I love it when you see two for joy.

I don’t shoot or catch them like a lot of people. They’re not supposed to be good for other songbirds and a lot of keen gardeners don’t like them, but I do. I’ve got lots. To me, it’s double joy or triple joy. I’m very inspired on a spring morning if I see a crowd of eight.”