SHIM Talks Transition Into Solo Career

Former lead vocalist of Sick Puppies Shimon Moore-now know as "SHIM" talks about his new stuff.


Back with new music and a new perspective. Shimon Moore former lead vocalist of the band Sick Puppies has launched a solo career under the name “SHIM”. Self titled first release is available now. SHIM talked about the transition out of Sick Puppies and into his solo stuff-what the overall difference was between the two projects. He says this “I can tell you it’s night and day. The band that I have on tour with me right now is the best band in rock n roll. I can throw in some James Brown. I can throw in some Jimi Hendrix during shows. This solo album is the best thing I’ve ever done in my humble opinion.”. 

New song out called “Crucified” with a powerful message of facing your anxiety head-on instead of avoiding it. We invest tremendous amounts of time in life working our way around negativity, SHIM’s advice is this “I think the best way to describe it is-people say when you got your demons, you’re suppose to just turn the other cheek or walk the other way and I disagree. Sometimes you just have to punch it in the face. Hit it over the head with a shovel and leave it in the desert to rot and don’t be polite about it.” Adversity is something we all experience in life. These situations often define us and how we handle similar instances in the future. 

SHIM got some great advice in the early-going of his career. An old producer of his once told him “The difference between good and great is whether or not you put your blood in it. Those words have been glued to SHIM’s subconscious ever since-taking it to heart and applying it to his writing style. SHIM says “Good really is the enemy of great. Anybody can write good stuff. It has to be great. You have to hear my soul. People want to hear that and they don’t want to hear something half-assed”. On the road right now and enjoying his new found direction in his career. See SHIM in a city near you. Hear the full conversation on the DOMKcast by clicking here. 

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