Pearl Jam 2022 Tour Start Date Leaks?


Pearl Jam fans discussed rumors that Pearl Jam’s North American tour will start in February 2022 on the Ten Club board.

Weston1283 posted, “What we (think we) know for 2022:

– NA 2020 tour rescheduled for Feb/March 2022
– A show in Dallas added to the previous schedule
– Additional nights at MSG possibly in the works for either the spring or the Fall

And then me, hoping for the return to Cleveland after 12 years.”

MyBitterHands76 said, “My guess for next year…

-March/April 2022 rescheduled spring tour from 2020

-Summer 2022 European tour already announced
-Fall 2022 the usual tour stops. Two nights in Philly, two night in NYC area and two nights in New England area and possibly hitting some places they haven’t played in awhile, (Pittsburgh, Ohio, the Midwest, etc.) and probably ending in the pacific north west.

Again, just my guess/assumption given some hints that were dropped when the original spring 2020 tour was announced.”

D-Rod wrote, “A couple of shows at Wrigley Field was rumoured for the late Summer.”

DarthVedder wrote, “There were many nights where there were both A’s and Warriors games. The Coliseum Authority used these nights to jack up parking prices to try and dissuade as many people as possible from driving.”

Merkin Baller said, “I can’t see them playing anywhere in New England other than Fenway at this point… as long as they can keep selling out 2 nights there (or come close) it doesn’t make sense to play smaller venues.

I won’t complain since I live so damn close, but I would kill to see them back in the Garden. (not that the Garden is any great shakes, but I would take an arena over a ball park all day every day). “