Pearl Jam ‘Can’t Tour United States’ In 2021?


Pearl Jam fans speculated that the band won’t do a full scale U.S. tour until 2022 in a new Ten Club topic.

LastExit78 posted, “If we can’t attend shows in a normal manner by the spring of 2022 something went seriously wrong. Which at this point wouldn’t be a shock after what we’ve been through. Still don’t see that being the likely outcome though. I’m as frustrated as anyone being fully vaccinated for two months and ready to return to normal. But there are a lot of factors that would prevent the band from wanting to travel the US anytime in 2021. This virus is going to linger, likely forever since vax rates will never eclipse 70% and natural infection is slowing dramatically. But even here in CA we are being given the rights to make our own decision as the state fully opens next week. I’ve said it before, it comes down to personal accountability.

I don’t belittle every smoker I see, people should be able to make their own decisions. Just look at the average Americans diet. Should we stop selling alcohol at venues going forward? Fans are more likely to die via DUI after a show than to contract and die from COVID. Requiring vaccination to attend events is a poor look unless forced to by city/state rules. The Foo Fighters got a lot of press today because of the MSG show and requiring vaxx. It was literally on every major news outlet this morning. I don’t think PJ wants to get involved in this fight. Especially say a guy like Jeff who would probably rather be hiking than traveling around the US trying to determine what the crowd they are playing to on any given night is or is not allowed to do.”

Lerxst1992 responded, “Spring 2022 may be the target date for a “normal” indoor tour. International travel before then is risky, as opening of borders before then could be shut with no warning. UK cases have tripled in the past few weeks with the delta strain while UK vaccine rates are excellent- well above those in the conservative US states, almost all of which are under 50% for one dose. Hospitalizations are up in five conservative states right now. With covid, It’s not the death of concert goers, it’s a chain that’s created at an event that could lead to dangerous conditions for older folks and possibly younger ones if the delta progresses.

A DUI happens because a drinker can’t control themselves and that next drink is coming no matter what, not because a band brings hundreds of thousands of fans together from around the country in an indoor arena for four hours. Alot of states are doing fantastically well with the vax, but to do an arena tour they would likely need to venture throughout the US into unfortunately uncomfortable covid territory. IMO the two festivals could be supplemented by 5-10 outdoor late summer / early fall US dates. This is optimistic and I hope it happens . Let’s see how the low vaccine states do as their peak indoor summer season progresses. And hopefully enough people in the US and worldwide get the vaccine, this disaster is really behind us and the cautious bands start touring again in 2022. PJ determined their own health guidelines before cities and states at the beginning of this mess, not sure why they would change that now.”