Dave Grohl Accused Of ‘Discrimination’ By Comedian


Foo Fighters are under fire from some people for requiring proof of vaccination for the shows in New York and Los Angeles, while other fans have praised them for what they see as a safety precaution.

The one-hit-wonder rock band Right Said Fred stated:

“Music is meant to build bridges, not destroy them.”

Comedian Josh Denny wrote to Grohl and the Foos:

“I’ll never buy another ticket to a Foo Fighters concert.

“Not all people that choose to NOT vaccinate are conspiracy theorists. Some people, very close to me, have autoimmune conditions that make the vaccine a high risk proposition.

“‘Vaccine mandatory’ is 2021’s ‘whites only.'”

A fan tweeted:

“Foo Fighters, a band I’ve long admired, just held a concert for the jabbed only. That’s every album & playlist with them on, consigned to the bin.”

Another fan said:

“How come you are not advising your fans that this show is ONLY for fully vaccinated people? I can not even begin to express how disappointing this was to hear.

“Being such a huge fan since seeing you open for The Stones back in the ’90s to hear this sadly has changed all that.”

Another fan commented to the Foos:

“Never thought the Foo Fighters would support suppression, segregation, and discrimination. It’s strange times.”