Pearl Jam ‘Close’ To Major Tour Announcement


Theebradness posted on the Pearl Jam Ten Club board a photo of ‘TBA’ listed next to a Pearl Jam St. Louis show on Ticketmaster, “What does this mean? Are we close to a reschedule announcement?!?!”

TSChav responded, “I believe that’s shown up on a few venue lists, but with TBA dates I’m not sure if that implies any announcements yet.”

BBiggs said, “All I see is a bunch of bands with scheduled shows and the one band I want scheduled shows from showing TBA still. Joking aside, my guess it has been sitting there that way since the show was cancelled (to be rescheduled), but I’ve never checked.”

PJNB wrote, “I have seen the TBA as well since the start but have they been slotted into those months like they are now for 2022? St Louis being in between Mar 1 and Mar 12th either means that its happening then or its a placeholder still but why would they not just throw it at the bottom of the pile undated? Either way at least it is something on a no news Friday to think about lol.”

“So every show has March in common if you click on each arena’s schedule. The less busy arena’s have a wider date between events crossing over multiple months but the real busy arena’s all have Pearl Jam TBA shows happening in March. From California to New York to Toronto. No way they fit the whole tour in one month so this is likely just a placeholder as was mentioned. Hopefully we here soon what there plans are. I would be curious to see when this change did happen though.”

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