Smashing Pumpkins Leak ‘Unheard’ Gish Material


Smashing Pumpkins played unreleased recordings during the Gishaversary live stream, as seen below via the Pumpkins Reddit:

Slunk (Live in Japan 1992)
Snail (Live in Japan 1992)
Silverfuck (Live in Japan 1992)
Crush (alternate version)
Obscured (alternate version)
Suffer (alternate version)
Purr Snickety (alternate version)

Underwaterr posted, “omg I did not know those were alternate versions! I thought they were just re-playing the original tracks as filler and I checked out.”

Kapryov said, “I assume these alternate versions were demos, right?”

crashcarstar wrote, “Yup, mistakes included. The Obscured demo Billy had to tell James what to play and it ended with them joking around.”

UltralightSP posted, “Anyone else score one of these limited edition swirled vinyls signed by Billy and Jimmy? I’m pretty excited to get it, but to have to wait 6 months is going to test my patience!”

Whoreleo said, “With respect, I don’t get how after the Gish and PI deluxe editions the band is still turning up alternate takes of songs that have never seen the light of day before. Wish we’d gotten more of that and less Peel Session/Reel Time stuff that is already circulated.”

Smashing Pumpkins released Gish 30 years ago in 1991 just before the Grunge movement exploded later that year.