Pearl Jam Fan Rushes Stage While Karaoke Contest Winners Sing With Eddie Vedder


Pearl Jam karaoke contest winners Brittany Hale and Caitlin Ketel joined Eddie Vedder briefly to sing the chorus of “Daughter” at the Ride Festival over the weekend. Another uninvited fan attempted to join them but was escourted off stage by security.

PearlJamOnline wrote on Instagram:

#PJTelluride #EddieVedder mentions that heard there was a #PearlJam Karaoke contest in town a few days earlier. He wishes he had known figuring he could have at least come in third “on a good day”. He asks if the winners are in the audience. Two young women start to come on stage. He pleads not yet, he isn’t ready for them and is a little intimidated. He says “you thought you had to have balls to sing like this. Nope.” Repost @brhaleyeah I sang on fucking stage with Eddie Vedder! @pearljam @capn4567