Alice In Chains Drop Cryptic Bombshell About Hiatus


Interviewed by Bionic Buzz at the George Lopez Celebrity Golf Classic in California this week, Alice in Chains’ Jerry Cantrell addressed what will be in store for the rest of the year after they complete their co-headlining tour with alternative metal band Korn.

“We’re looking forward to that, it’s been a really great tour. With the album we put out last year Rainier Fog, we’ll have spent about two solid years on the road which’ll be the Korn tour; the Korn tour will be the end.

Alice in Chains’ Rainier Fog was the latest greatness the band bestowed upon us with mainstream rock chart hits “The One You Know”, “Never Fade” and “Rainier Fog” along with their usual critical acclaim concerning the album. This year, the Alice in Chains-inspired Black Antenna, a sci-fi project, will be released as a film and a web series where each episode is named after an Alice in Chains’ Rainier Fog song.

Korn are working on a new album with a possible fall release date and are putting last year behind them. Despite their best album of the decade The Serenity of Suffering, (released 2016) they’ve had trouble since as Korn frontman Jonathan Davis’ wife passed away after an accidental drug overdose last year. Korn has played live since so both bands will be ready to rock when the tour begins in DelValle, Texas on July 18th.