Watch Pearl Jam Fans Throw Beer At Eddie Vedder


At Pearl Jam’s show in Berlin, Germany on Thursday, fans threw beer cases onstage during “Porch” off of Ten.

It was during an instrumental part when the audience began throwing around what appeared to be pieces of flat cardboard that look to hold six beers, with some making it to the stage as Eddie Vedder watched. Jeff caught one and used it to play his bass. Ed climbs down to the barricade for the end of the song.

After the encore break, referring to all the beer cases the audience was throwing around, Eddie Vedder said he knew the crowd was drinking but he didn’t realize how much they had been drinking. He compared them to Seattle, or Seattle to them.
He related a story from a guy in Prague who was adamant that Ed reads his note. The note says I went to the show with a neighbor I left with a wife. This song is for you and neighbor. Pearl Jam then performed “Thin Air”.

You can watch video of “Porch” and the the beer case incident from the Berlin, Germany Pearl Jam concert below.

  • Debbie Jo Abrams Moore

    I think I wouldn’t be playing there anymore! That’s stupid and could have done someone some damage. What if they hit one of them in the eye? Come home Pearl Jam!!

    • Geddesnevis

      Debbie, get your facts right! I was there and it was NOT BEER!!!!!! But rather thin paper beer holders. It was extremely fun! He enjoyed even his kids Harper and Olivia joined in the fun! Come home??? pffff!

      • Debbie Jo Abrams Moore

        I watched the video of the cardboard flying at them. I thought it was disrespectful.

      • Debbie Jo Abrams Moore

        IWe don’t practice that here in the States. If something has happened like that it’s been rare!

  • Doug DotDobies

    click-bait… they threw cardboard not beer..

  • Lucky Neko
  • sharkguitar

    Eddie Vedder is still alive?

  • Jed bowman

    They should’ve thrown bottles.