How Greta Van Fleet Saved Rock In 2018 With Surprising Bands Revealed

Taking a look back at some of the biggest songs of 2018.


Some of the biggest songs of the year are rich with inspiring messages, fresh new takes, and deal with subject matter that needed to be addressed. Rock is alive and well in 2018. We saw the rise of young up-and-comers Greta Van Fleet, the emergence of Bad Wolves, and familiar faces Shinedown deliver some powerful hooks. 

A big year for Greta Van Fleet to say the least. They began 2018 by performing at Elton John’s Oscar Watch Party. At one point Elton joined them onstage with them and performed a few of his classic tunes. The band released their first album “Anthem Of A Peaceful Army” and have been touring extensively across the world. New challenges during their shows these days. They collect bras onstage that get thrown at them during their live performances. He says this “That’s been a new development. People come and express themselves in any way they want because it’s a rock concert.”

A fresh take on a classic song made waves this year courtesy of Bad Wolves. Their cover of the Cranberries tune “Zombie” was one of the most played songs on the radio in 2018. The release nearly coincided with the passing of Cranberries vocalist Dolores O’riordan. Tommy Vext of Bad Wolves decided to donate a portion of the proceeds that they made off of the song to her family. He says ” The conversation was like do we shelf this song? After something tragic like that happens, there’s a hyper sensitivity. We came to the conclusion that we should release the song as a tribute to her. ”

Some familiar faces in Shinedown captivated us with a new album in 2018 with the release of “Attention Attention”. The concept is relatable and perhaps impeccable timing for the current climate that society is in these days. It chronicles a man’s emotional journey which begins in a dark place and reaches a point of enlightenment and peace by the end. The opening track off of the album “Devil” features the hard-hitting classic sound that we know and love from the band Shinedown. Brent Smith talks in depth about the concept of “Attention Attention” and says this “I don’t think you’ll ultimately be defined by your failures in life. I think what defines you is the fact that you didn’t give up.” 

The rock scene has a fresh new look going into 2019. Amazing to see some new blood injecting life and poised to continue on for years to come. As fans, we have been in search of a new outlook for quite some time. The rock scene is alive and healthy. Bring on the new year with rock horns up.

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