Pearl Jam Major Seattle Concerts Rumor Leaks


Pearl Jam did not perform at Barack Obama’s 60th birthday party despite media reports that they would, PearlJamOnline report an official rep told them.

Vedpunk posted that there are Seattle shows in the works on the Pearl Jam Ten Club board, but Ohana will be the band’s last 2021 performances, so this likely won’t be until 2022.

Ryan posted , “Vedpunk knows his stuff. I have no doubt ACL was on the table this year and changed last minute. As for Seattle, the Obana Encore announcement seemed pretty definitive for the year. I’m guessing they had Seattle penciled in but the uncertainty with indoor events changed their plans.

PJ has actually been pretty good the last 15 years or so about announcing whether or not there will be more shows. I remember in 2006 people were supper annoyed when they announced east coast, then a few weeks later announced the LA shows, and a few weeks after they announced the remaining west coast dates. From memory:

2007 – announced Lollapalooza as the only US date, added Vic Theatre two weeks or so before the show.
2009 – people were again really upset when they announced those four Europe shows, then Toronto and Chicago, then Chicago 2. At some point around the Toronto/Chicago ticket sale they announced it was their intention to play west coast shows in the fall.
2011 – announced PJ20 as the only US shows.
2012 – announced Missoula as PJs only headlining non festival show.
2013 – announced Voodoo Fest as part of a tour that would be announced later.
2015 – announced Global Citizen as the only US date of the year.

The years not listed above, 2008, 2010, 2014, 2016, 2018, all had shows announced in the first six months of the year so announcements about their plans for the year weren’t really warranted.
Based on this track record it seems Obama Encore is it for 2021.

  • Stone Gossardish

    The band has been clear that beyond obligations they have for this year, they’re pushing to ’22. And if they have to move some of these fall dates, it would not be a shock.

    Quit listening to message boards

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