John Lennon Son Reveals If He Hates “Hey Jude”


John Lennon‘s son, the incomparable Julian Lennon took to social media to showcase this photo highlighting his father’s legacy. The photo is a special achievement award that was given out to Lennon for the success of Hey Jude. More specifically, the away is in recognition of the great national popularity as measured by over five million broadcast performances attained by Hey Jude. John Lennon family reveals bad Jimi Hendrix death photo.

In other news regarding John Lennon, fans of the ‘troubled Beatle’ took to social media to reflect upon the album that this song first appeared on – the aforementioned ‘Hey Jude’. One fan responded saying: “I bought this C.D. solely because it is endearing to me! I used to have the album on vinyl & hearing the songs in this arrangement brings back a lot of memories, good ones obviously since I spent the money to have this C.D.! I bought the box set containing the remastered British version’s of all The Beatles album’s including the Past Masters that include better versions of these songs. For some bizarre reason the American releases of The Beatles album’s were deliberately distorted, don’t ask me why I have zero idea! But when compared to the original British versions it’s obvious. Needless to say, I am a huge Beatles fan & have been since I can remember. I am happy to have this album as I said it brings back a lot of good memories.” John Lennon called The Beatles icon ‘freak’ before shooting.

While another fan replied: “I remember owning the original release of this on cassette tape. It sounded great back then and had to be replaced because it was worn out and eaten by the cassette player. I still own the original vinyl release and bought this CD to have it on CD media and available Digitally. These songs were previously released on singles (45rpm). It great having it on CD/Digital to listen to in the car.” John Lennon ‘getting hard’ comment finally revealed.