Pearl Jam Make Fun Of Eddie Vedder Vocal Struggles: ‘A Dig At Me You F*cker?’


During Pearl Jam’s recent show in London, there was a funny moment where Jeff Ament made fun of Eddie Vedder’s recent vocal struggles that led to a Pearl Jam show being postponed. Sea and John described the story on the forums.

Vedder first let Stone Gossard sing a song, “The people have spoken, and they said (sotto voce) ‘Sweet Lew,’ no. Let Stone sing!”

“So, ladies and gentlemen, Stone Gossard.” Stone thanks Ed and says, “I really want to thank Ed for leading this band for all these years. Now it is my turn to sing (this is close but not 100%).”

“Mankind” was then performed.

Towards the end the song falls apart and Stone gives up. “This is probably why Ed doesn’t let me sing.” Eventually the crowd starts chanting “Let Jeff sing.” Jeff seems interested, but Ed says, “Jeff won’t be singing tonight.”

Jeff pipes up, “I have a sore throat!” Ed says “that is a dig at me isn’t you fucker?” (with a laugh).

“Look, Matt [Cameron] has released his own records, Mike [McCready] can sing. If I let you hear these guys sing then I am out of a job. It is all I have…”

Vedder also praised Matt Cameron and his family during the show.

Matt and his wife April were the first of the band to have children and Ed says we have all learned so much from them. He praises Matt’s daughter Josie for being such a trooper on the whole tour and is sure she is ready to get back to her friends but he has loved having her around. This next song is for the great Cameron family. Pearl Jam then performed “You Are”.

  • Olga Stewart

    Can their keyboard player sing?

    • Corndog

      I always feel kind of bad for him when the crowd show him their appreciation. They do so by shouting his name in a sort of long drawn out chant, but because his name is Boom, it always sounds like they are actually booing him!

      • viney piney

        Pearl jam sucks now last good show was in 1998

        • astrocreep7

          I saw them MSG ’98, still have the shirt

          • viney piney

            Yep went to all 3 nights, went to a show again at msg in 2002 zzzzz was
            about the time that crap love boat captain stinker came out

            and of course the best show was 1996 Randall’s island

          • astrocreep7

            I went to that one also. I think they still put on a great show, but nothing compares to 90’s PJ

        • Corndog

          Well i saw them in 2010, and it was a great show, so i’ll have to respectfully disagree.

          Sure, Eddie’s voice is going to shit, but that’s a far cry from saying ‘Pearl Jam sucks now’.

        • Stone Gossardish

          Nah, 91 maybe. Could you tell the tens of thousands of fans that keep buying tickets how bad they are? It’s tougher to get tickets than ever and now they’re playing baseball stadiums, which has folks like me saying absolutely no way.

          We need less fans so we can see them in even smaller venues. You have to convince them that they’re not paying to see the best live band of all time, they’re paying just to hear a tape play.

      • Olga Stewart


    • Stone Gossardish

      Have you heard Boom speak? I don’t see any chance he can sing much. He’s a solid key man though, no doubt. Legend.

      • Olga Stewart

        I hadn’t heard him speak.

        But then I came across this on Youtube:

        And I see what you mean about him probably not singing.

        • Stone Gossardish

          Almost everything he’s added to the band has been great. There’s a few songs he doesn’t belong on, and to their credit they’ve figured that out and he’s not on stage.