Pearl Jam Reveal ‘Most Deserving’ Grunge Era Bands For Rock Hall of Fame


Pearl Jam have tweeted that Rage Against The Machine and Radiohead deserve to enter the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Digging out the old shirt and adding two of the most deserving bands..

Congrats to @thecarsband, @NinaSimoneMusic, @MoodyBluesToday, @BonJovi, #DireStraits on tomorrow’s induction. #RockHall2018

Dave Abbruzzese discussed Pearl Jam’s MTV Unplugged performance and his Rock and Roll Hall of Fame snub in a January 2018 interview with Michael Aubrecht.

“I hadn’t slept in 30 hours and I had a wicked sinus infection and head cold. The band began our unplugged set sometime after midnight. Add to that we didn’t have a real sound check. The monitors and audience were in the round and I was playing with only a very minimum of monitor sound. There were long stretches of that show that I played with no audible reference to what the other guys were playing at all.

I think my style of playing was the result of me just enjoying an easy night of good music with confidence in myself and in my friends to do a good job. Also, it was the timing. We never relaxed and played our music. From the very start of joining the band, we had to prove it every time…bring it every night. We knew if we were going to be successful, it was up to us. The band hadn’t even signed a record deal yet!

That’s still what eats at me about the band not standing up respectfully at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame for how hard we worked and what we achieved before I was fired.”

  • Stone Gossardish

    Ament was already a pretty big legend as a song writer and bass player, then he came up with the most iconic piece of clothing in RRHOF history to boot.

  • Olga Stewart

    And what about Soundgarden?

    • Patricia McDonald

      Sound garden is on the shirt, left center as you face it.

      • Olga Stewart

        I see what you mean on the t-shirt.

        And thanks for pointing that out.

        • Karyn 🇬🇧

          I’m in two minds about the RRHOF. They snubbed Chris and Soundgarden, not that Chris seemed to be too concerned about those kind of places, but it must’ve hurt somewhat. Not sure why Eddie hasn’t mentioned either Chris or the band regarding this subject though or am I missing something? 🤔

          • Karyn 🇬🇧

            Loud Love 😍

          • Olga Stewart

            Apparently, there is a photo link in this article that shows a t-shirt with a bunch of band and artist names on it.

            Soundgarden’s name is on that t-shirt.

            And the t-shirt signifies those who Pearl Jam feel belong on the RHHOF.

          • Karyn 🇬🇧

            Oh I see. That makes sense then. Lol. Hope you’re well Olga. I’m just off to bed now but thought I’d say hello and reply. It’s 1.06am here so I’ll bid everyone goodnight and sweet dreams. Take care. X

          • Olga Stewart

            I’m doing fine.

            Thanks for asking.

            Hope that it’s the same for you.

            And I hope that you have a good sleep. :).

    • Karyn 🇬🇧

      I thought that too Olga… Think we’re on the same wavelength lol. Xx 🤣

  • Kay B

    Nick Drake….I really enjoy his music. I think he was prominent in the 70s. He sadly committed suicide by over dosing on his antidepressants I think. Pink Moon is such a beautiful song.

  • DanSwon

    RRHoF is a sham.

    • Samantha

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