Josh Homme Reveals Dave Grohl’s ‘Dark Side’


Queens of The Stone Age’s frontman, Josh Homme, recently opened up about his poignant experience at the tribute show held for the late Taylor Hawkins in 2022, shedding light on his close friendship with Dave Grohl. In an exclusive interview with NME, Homme shared heartfelt insights into the emotional performance of David Bowie’s ‘Let’s Dance’ alongside Nile Rodgers at Wembley Stadium last September.

As reported by NME – Reflecting on the tribute to Hawkins, who passed away in March of the same year, Homme expressed the profound significance of the moment. “That felt really good because I’ve always placed a really high value on escapism as a really top commodity,” he shared. The performance, a collaboration orchestrated by Dave Grohl, served as a fitting send-off for Hawkins, embodying a sentiment that only someone like Grohl could craft. Homme acknowledged Grohl’s role in creating a touching homage, stating, “Taylor would have loved that gig so much. It’s such a wonderful thing that perhaps only Dave [Grohl] could do as a send-off like that.”

Homme’s sentiments extended beyond the musical realm, touching on the complexities of expressing emotions. He confessed, “In the years past, I haven’t always known how to say ‘I love you’ to the people that I care about, you know?” The tribute performance became a poignant language of love and remembrance, echoing the unique ways in which artists convey their emotions through their craft.

Delving into his enduring friendship with Dave Grohl, Homme shared the depth of their connection. “Dave has been one of the longest romances I’ve had that’s worked. He’s such a good guy, but I also love his dark side,” Homme revealed. The camaraderie between the two musicians has not only flourished on stage, with Grohl performing with Queens of The Stone Age and in the Them Crooked Vultures side project, but also in intimate moments of shared breakfast conversations.

The interview with NME touched on various aspects of Homme’s musical journey, from facing off against Elton John at Glastonbury to the therapeutic process of writing his way out of personal struggles on the latest album, ‘In Times New Roman.’ Homme also reminisced about the band’s recent performance at The O2 in London, showcasing the multifaceted nature of his artistic endeavors.

In a somber note, Homme paid tribute to Shane MacGowan during a recent Dublin show, acknowledging the legendary poet’s influence on the creative landscape. As Homme shared his reflections, the interview encapsulated not only the musical prowess of a rock icon but also the profound relationships and shared experiences that make the journey through the music industry truly extraordinary.