Pearl Jam To Give Away Ear Plugs At Concerts



Pearl Jam, Ten Club and MusiCares are teaming up to spread the word on Hearing Health. Visit the MusiCares table at each of Pearl Jam’s U.S. shows on the 2016 Spring Tour to pick up your pair of limited edition PJ X MusiCares Earplugs. And wear them!

You love listening to music, right? You might as well protect those ears so you can do it for a long time. While you’re there, find out about hearing health and MusiCares. A suggested donation will be requested to receive the limited edition case and pair of earplugs.

Fans are encouraged to take photos with their plugs in their ears and post them on social media using the hashtag #pjcares. And please tag @pearljam and @musicares.

“Don’t be careless and lazy at loud rock shows or cranking tunes through an old Walkman like I was thirty years ago (but boy did it all sound good). Wear hearing protection or you’ll end up with a 1.5k ring in both ears every night when you go to bed or worse when you are trying to enjoy the serene quiet of an empty desert or forest, again like me.”

Jeff Ament


  • Katie

    Awwww… isn’t that thoughtful? Too bad Led Zeppelin, Neil Young & Crazy Horse, Ted Nugent, The Edgar Winter Group, Ten Years After and others didn’t dream this one up in the 70’s. But then again social media was only talking with friends about music in line at the record store. Nugent was the LOUDEST show I’ve ever been to. Tinnitus for 3 days. “…or cranking tunes through an old Walkman like I was thirty years ago (but boy did it all sound good)…” Yeah Jeff — I hear you……. No. Wait… No I don’t. Heh

  • Eddie Yarler

    I’m so happy to see this is taking off. Luckily I don’t have to deal with tinnitus as I listen to my music at a reasonable volume, and take earplugs at every concert I go too since I was 18. I honestly prefer wearing them as some shows are just unbearably loud. Earplugs cancel out most of the dangerous frequencies, so you can actually focus on the music and show. Wear earplugs people!

  • dakotablue

    AC/DC just cancelled the rest of their Rock or Bust U.S. tour because Brian Johnson’s ears are busted. He could possibly go totally deaf. There’s talk of rescheduling but what does that mean, a different singer?
    Loudest show I ever attended: the Clash. Earbleed.

  • nomad

    I’ve always worn ear plugs at concerts. Even so, there have been times I’ve come home and still had ringing in my ears. That’s just stupid loud.

  • TSlvRBlkBrwn

    Too late for me

  • Jaime Chriswisser

    Ummm. Ok. SO……. I’m supposed to buy tickets to a band that sucked back in the 90’s, then buy earplugs not to hear them???? Something truly fucked up with this thinking, here.