Pearl Jam’s Rumored First 2019 Plans: ‘This Will Be A Bigger Tour’


In a new ‘Pearl Jam 2019 Tour Rumors’ thread, Pearl Jam expert dimitrispearljam posted, “straya…thats all.”

He also wrote, “only australia talk here..come on pearl jam. seriously.”

darwinstheory posted, “What? Too soon?

I know there were brief Australia rumors for the end of 2018 back at the end of 2017. Has this rumored tour been pushed back until 2019 for sure?”

LeafsJaysCubsRaptorsFan posted regarding 2019, “This will be a bigger tour.”

On the Ten Club boards there were rumors that Pearl Jam’s full scale North American tour of the United States and Canada will take place in 2019 just a few weeks ago prior to the Home and Away Shows announcement. LeafsJaysCubRaptorsFan correctly reported cities that would get shows prior to the announcement.

LeafsJaysCubsRaptorsFan posted:

7 shows 8/8 and 8/10 Seattle. Boston and Chicago. Forget where the other one is. Us and Canada Tour in 2019 also. Not sure about anywhere else

Zod posted:

kind of weird they’d do a show on a Wednesday? According to the mariners schedule there’s no games in Seattle from the 6th to 16th? You’d think they do Friday/Sunday or Saturday/Monday or something?

LeafsJaysCubsRaptorsFan posted:

I’m just given the info.

lastexit78 posted:

Not seeing a Wednesday show at Safeco being a winner. I don’t see how they could even sell it out, there’s really 50,000 legit PJ fans in the Seattle area? It would have to be a greatest hits show on an unprecedented level to keep that many casual fans engaged. I understand a weekend show working because fans like myself would fly in. Too bad that wouldn’t just play the Gorge which 99% of us prefer but I guess they’ve are obsessed with this ballpark thing for whatever reason. If they think the vibe at Safeco will come close to Fenway or Wrigley they are delusional. Those are the two most iconic ballparks in the world. Safeco is an okay ballpark with virtually zero history despite being around for two decades.

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  • ralph

    Pearl Jam will be at Woodstock’s 50th anniversary this summer.