Billy Corgan Pokes Fun At Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit”


Smashing Pumpkins frontman/Instagram shitposter Billy Corgan expertly trolled a fan in Instagram private messenger on Wednesday.

A fan asked Corgan, “Hey dude I’m a huge fan of the smashing pumpkins, and you in general, just out of curiosity what would you say your best song ever is?”

The Smashing Shitposter shot back, “Smells Like Teen Spirit?”

Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan discussed issues he’s had with people in the ‘Nirvana world’ but not specifically members of the band in an interview with Joe Rogan a couple of months ago. Alternative Nation transcribed his comments.

Corgan said, “Those inner scene rivalries never end. I’ve had weird experiences with, not with Nirvana ‘people,’ but people who were in the Nirvana world. There’s still this weird, cause I’m from Pumpkin world, like sometimes I’ll have weird stuff happen and I’ll dig down and find out it was somebody who used to work in Nirvana world trying to cut my ankles 27 years later. Like so weird.”

He also discussed playing at a club in Boston with Nirvana in 1992, and how the show wasn’t even sold out.

“We once played at that little club, it was an alt club across from Fenway, I can’t remember what it was called, Axis? We played there in, I don’t know, 1992, it wasn’t even sold out. Like 700 people kind of thing.

When you just can't help yourself… @smashingpumpkins #wpc

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  • Corndog

    I used to love that song when i was 13 but i don’t think that it has aged well at all. It’s a definite skip when it pops up on shuffle these days.

    • Diana

      That’s interesting. I discovered Nirvana at around 12 as well. Back then I didn’t get that song. Nowadays I love it. I’ll rewind it even.

  • Bernie

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  • Chris

    He isnt making fun of Nirvana or the song… The writers here are scum! 😉

  • Gary Reilly

    Clickbait title. He’s not mocking Nirvana at all.

    • Nancy

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  • Chris Ross

    Okay. I would say this site has reached an all time new level. Almost every article I read on here each morning ends up being something that I have already read on Instagram the prior day. If anyone on here follows Corgan, all of these stories will be a day old or so by the time you are reading them on here. If this is what its come to, maybe I should just stick with scrolling Instagram each morning instead of visiting here for what I hope could be good news about the bands I love. Come on guys. I KNOW you are better than this.

    • Ryan

      I know they’re (Brett) not better than this.

  • APeopleShouldKnow

    Corgan was back then and is today a jealous dude. He had a chip on his shoulder about Cobain’s artistry and Nirvana’s rise to stardom back then and, sad as it is, he apparently has a chip on his shoulder today. It’s hilarious that nothing’s changed about him in twenty+ years.