Perry Farrell Reacts To Anthony Bourdain & Chris Cornell: ‘Why Don’t You Want To Be Around Us?’


Jane’s Addiction frontman Perry Farrell discussed suicides like Anthony Bourdain, Chris Cornell, Chester Bennington, and Kate Spade in a series of new tweets. You can call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255.

Say a prayer for A.B. When a person takes their own life- in their final moments they are alone. Unconcealed. Without reason (for living). Such a hurtful notion. I take it to my heart. Why don’t you want to be around (us)? Don’t you know how great life could be with 1 alteration?

1 alteration… a Ha.? Sometimes the best deal you’ll ever make- is the one you never make…Exactly why a person takes their own life? I can’t say.. I can only whisper the sublime.. King David was exalted.. He considered himself like an earthworm- compared to the Almighty. Ha.?

Allan Why, Purpose we do Have a purpose- we feel better when we’re exercising our purpose in life. I’ll give it you. It is to share love, kindness, and bring heaven down to earth. Sort of lofty?.. and simple. while multitasking?..Perhaps. Be humble and be in awe. Go for a Walk

Forgive anyone who is in such pain as to try and remove themselves from life. In more pain than they could withstand. What I tell you is very painful to hear. Those that end their life in this way are in a place of suspension. Have not risen up yet. Around the earth they’ll roam.

Lock, I am the news source of the esoteric wisdom. You can take my reporting to the bank. Had a real encounter with a visitation of energy (an angel). I feel now is the time to report it to you all as she was a weary soul who took her own life. We spoke for approximately 10 mins.

View the tweets below.

  • DanSwon

    I love Jane’s and Porno For Pyros, but Perry Farrell really does come off like an idiot sometimes. The kind of narcissistic magical nonsense-speak that Billy Corgan indulges in, only with worse grammar. There’s a nice message in there somewhere – shame it’s buried in his own self-aggrandizing bullshit. He seems to believe he is a prophet. Total messiah complex.

    • John

      The thing he tweeted when Scott Weiland passed seemed much more down to earth and genuine. So I’m surprised to see this from him.

      • DanSwon

        Yeah, it makes me sad to see this because some of his songs mean so much to me and have done since I was about 13. I want to be proud to be his fan.


    Self absorbed and self centered dipwad.

  • Olga Stewart

    The first tweet made sense to me.

    After that, he lost me.

  • Eric Radziewicz

    If Chris was surrounded by the likes of Perry and co. I can see why his depression reached its peak.