Relative Hopes Chris Cornell And Chester Bennington Are ‘Together’ For Beautiful Reason


Chris Cornell’s mother-in-law Toni Karayiannis posted a beautiful belated birthday message to her golden son Chris Cornell on Instagram, along with a Chester Bennington tribute.

“HappyBirthday my son!You left us so much to be thankful for!My beautiful little C your love your music our memories!Rest in peace bec I promise u your children will have more love than ever before,they will travel and see the world as u wanted them to ,more than before,their happiness education will be our priority! Papou is already taking care of that!

So u can sleep at peace my Christopher that your family will be taken care of as never before! I promise you to give them the laughter we had w you the love happiness that we all had when u were here! Except the empty chair at the table that no matter how hard I try my heart bleeds to see it empty!Nothing I can do and it hurts so bad to know I can’t help there!

But.. u will be in our hearts always!Your legacy will be carried by your beautiful children! You will never ever be forgotten for all u gave to your family and to the world!We love you so much! I wish I had one more time to tell u how much we love u miss u! I hope my angel u hear me! Chester I hope u r together w Chris and u guys are the happiest u ever being! I need to be there for Talinda Vicky the kids! I pray that I have the strength I need bec is so hard! A pain that I don’t think will go away ever, for both of you! I love you both so much!???????.”

You can watch a rare interview with Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington from 2008 below.