Tom DeLonge Has Encounter With Blink-182 Member


Blink-182 singer/bassist Mark Hoppus recently wrote to Tom DeLonge in a comment on Instagram, “I love you and I always will.”

Tom DeLonge has now responded, telling Hoppus he feels sexual tension with him again, “Well, hello – Love you too! #ThatDamnSexualTensionAgain.”

DeLonge also responded to a report claiming he said he was ‘too busy’ with ‘UFO stuff’ to rejoin Blink-182.

“‘UFO Stuff’ is actually better defined as: ‘US National Security,’ associated ‘Defense Programs,’ corresponding ‘Gov Policies,’ ongoing ‘Scientific Advance,’ and Revolutionary ‘Aerospace Technologies.’ #UFOStuff @TTSAcademy.”

A fan recently asked Mark Hoppus on Twitter, “Are you and Tom buds again? Keep seeing you post random pictures of the past.”

Hoppus responded, “Didn’t you see Urethra Chronicles 2? Best friends forever.”

DeLonge told Kerrang in a new interview that he did feel nervous returning with with new music and the first Angels & Airwaves headline tour in seven years.

“You know, every artist – whether they admit it or not – feels that,” he says. “‘Does it still matter that I’m doing stuff? Do people like it? Am I just preaching to the converted here?’ That definitely goes through every artist’s head, because, at the end of the day, every artist is going to be insecure about what they’re creating and putting out for the world to judge! But that’s also the rush.

I do remember having feelings like that, but at the end of the day, if you look at everything I’ve done in my life, it’s always been a big ‘fuck you’ to everyone (laughs). I do what I want, you know? I’m gonna do what I do, I’m gonna do what I want, and as long as it moves me and stirs my emotions, and as long as it can help people and the way they feel about themselves, then I’m gonna do it. I’ve got to create, and if I don’t I get really depressed.”