Relatives Investigating Chris Cornell’s Death: ‘You’ll Get Answers You Deserve’


Chris Cornell’s mother-in-law Toni Karayiannis detailed the investigation into Chris Cornell’s death in a new Instagram comment. Vicky Cornell recently traveled to Detroit to acquire evidence from the medical examiner’s office.

“I hear you! Forgive me for losing my trust in people these days! I’m going to make sure you get all the answers you deserve from someone who can do much better in writing! For now I can tell you that while we look into the matter of that horrible night, we are being advised to wait and not speak until it all comes together!

It makes sense! I for one agree with you only because you need to know that lots of things are happening behind the scenes, and yes we owe you at least that much! To keep you informed we are on it 24/7 and we are looking for answers, and we’re looking for answers as some, those with ‘bad’ intentions as I call them, or trolls, do say something I completely agree [with]! We all do!

It was in and out of investigation and then they gave it a name! We have great reasons to believe otherwise and his wife [will] fight for it! Our silence doesn’t help you and I do apologize for that! The fans should know that a lot is being done but nothing until all of this comes together! And I say lots of things, you see now, why I’m afraid to talk! Others take it I say addiction, you say why I mention abuse! Others say depression!”

  • Michael Pal

    JUSTICE FOR CHRIS!!! He was MURDERED!!! He didn’t deserve to go out like that!!! We need answers his fans love him and want Justice!!!

  • makingconnections

    Oh, just go away.

  • Cathy

    No one cares what you think. Don’t you have a new Birkin to buy?

  • azur Rienne

    Honestly just reading what Vicky and the Mil say makes me want to kill myself, let alone living with them. Poor Chris.

    • ChelleT

      Your post is so wrong but so funny. I agree though, I feel bad for what Chris endured. I honestly hope those two keep mum for a while.

  • ♥Melissa McLaughlin✴

    Jaysus, instead of these incoherent, long-winded twitter rants — Take a step back, put the keyboard down, and think before you ramble on! Shes making this whole situation way worse. Those poor kids, stuck with them two now, damn shame. No wonder Chris was out touring 24/7.

  • lilac moon

    “Relative” wonder who that is….. :()

    • Lilly Lou

      Oh don’t we wonder… which KRAZY K is it today…

  • makingconnections

    There is nothing that you two can say to the public and Chris Cornell fans that is relevant. You’ve lost all credibility. Everything you have said since Chris’s death has been weird and questionable and self-serving. Don’t bother yourselves trying to communicate with the public. You’ve completely blown it.

    • ChelleT

      I am with you. I’m to the point no matter what they say, it won’t help. Too much has come out to make anything they do or say believable.

      • makingconnections

        They’d be wise to just quit with the publicity agenda. I don’t know how wise they are though? I wish they’d quietly go about their effort to help with refugees; however, they don’t seem to go about any of their efforts quietly and there’s nothing worse than social justice for the sake of having a good image. Why would you need pictures of yourself talking with refugees? I know a young woman who went to camps and taught her dance program to young women who were stuck in terrible conditions every year for a few months…no one has probably heard of her but her work is no less valuable.

  • Olga Stewart

    Lordy but she’s at it again?

  • Megyn White

    “Note to self: Go to Detroit to investigate my Christopher’s death, but first, get that nose job I always wanted.”

  • QTPI40

    Yeah she went to Detroit with a lawyer that specializes in insurance payouts. That’s the ONLY reason she made that trip.

  • clouds

    she’s probably going to come up with some story about CC upbringing that “explains ” depression/ addiction so that his adopted family is not “responsible” for his final tragic decision to end his life. I understand the guilt they might feel and the denial they are battling with.
    But how disrespectful from all of them to keep digging into this man’s intimate life and make it public. Whatever the reason that brought Chris to commit suicide belongs to his intimate personal human story, no one should know why, not even fans. If he wanted people to know why he took his own life he would have left a note. He didn’t. Let the man RIP.
    RIP CC.

  • Olga Stewart

    Here is the answer that I would want from them: Why couldn’t you see what your husband/son-in-law going through? Why couldn’t you help him? Why couldn’t you support him? Why couldn’t you have just loved him and not seen him as a way to get more money? And why couldn’t you have let him live the life he wanted to (being in contact with his family and friends)?

    Perhaps when you can answer those questions, then I maybe I will start to pay more attention to what you are saying.

    Then again, if you do answer these questions, then it will show how badly you treated him. And that is something that you have to live with for the rest of your lives.

  • Trovoid

    ” Our silence doesn’t help you and I do apologize for that!”

    It actually does help us.. Please stay silent. We would all appreciate it.

    • Olga Stewart

      This is the comment of the day. Ha ha!