Seattle Icon Reveals Why Chris Cornell’s ‘Temper Was Famous And Soul Was Tortured’


Heart singer Nancy Wilson discusses her memories of Chris Cornell on the first anniversary of his death in a new Artist Waves article.

“Chris Cornell inspired me so much as a musician. His powerful vocal delivery was always mind-blowing and his energy on stage was electric. His rock ethic was iconic to me coming from this new generation of extremely innovative musicians. I never knew until he inducted us into the Rock and Roll Hall of fame that he felt shy around us for years. I mistook it for him just being cool and mysterious!

He was a complex young man weaving between the highest and lowest mood swings. His temper was famous and his soul was tortured. I think there was never much he could forgive himself for and drove himself hard to be even more perfect…”

“There are so many great Soundgarden songs in the world but one of my favorite Cornell songs was his solo version of “Seasons” from the Singles soundtrack album. It shows just how much range Chris had as an artist, singer, player and writer. There was only one Chris Cornell in the world.”

Nancy’s sister Ann Wilson had the chance to discuss her upcoming cover album, Immortal, a collection of songs written by artists we’ve tragically lost over the past couple of years, during a recent conversation with Alternative Nation. Included is a cover of the Audioslave classic, “I Am The Highway”. Sadly, we are already encroaching on the one year anniversary of Audioslave/Soundgarden Chris Cornell’s passing.

“It’s my favorite Chris song,” Ann explained. “It’s as serene as it gets. You just look somebody in the eye and say, ‘I’m not your magic carpet ride in the sky!’ It’s a gorgeous song, incredible.”

She went on: “I knew Chris, I knew what he was like. He was a complicated person. Beautiful, but he always struggled with being on this plane [of existence].”