Scott Weiland Replacement Was Disrespected In Studio: ‘When Are You Getting Back With Scott?’


Photo credit: Corey Hickok

Alternative Nation will soon be publishing the first in-depth interview with former Talk Show singer Dave Coutts in over 20 years. Stone Temple Pilots members Dean DeLeo, Robert DeLeo, and Eric Kretz joined forces with Coutts in the mid 90’s in their first attempt to move on without the late Scott Weiland. They released their lone album Talk Show in 1997.

The record premiered at #131 on the Billboard Hot 200. Sales were disappointing, and poor marketing didn’t exactly help either.

“It would have been nice to get to a second single!” Dave says in retrospect. Perhaps it was a desire by Atlantic Records to force the band’s hand in reuniting with Scott Weiland, who was currently mired in the height of his drug problems and recording his brilliant solo album, 12 Bar Blues.

“[Atlantic higher ups] flew out to have a listen to the final mix in Los Angeles. This guy came into the room we were sitting in before he even heard our stuff and said ‘Hey Dean, when are you getting back with Scott?’ I don’t think the record company ever really wanted this thing to happen.”

With Talk Show essentially left out to dry by Atlantic by mid-1998, and Scott ready to reunite with the DeLeos and Kretz after the similar commercial failure of his own solo album, the band was no more. Not much was said to Coutts during this time period. STP went on to record their 1999 hard rock opus, No. 4. The only song written on the road with Dave Coutts after recording Talk Show, “Saturday”, was reconfigured as the song “Glide” on that record with Scott on lead vocals.

  • Eddie Yarler

    “Scott Weiland replacement disrespected on shitty click bait website”.

    Do you legit not see the irony in your headline? The worst part is this isn’t something you’ve copied and pasted either. You actually had an interview with Dave Coutts and you won’t even refer to him by his name. “Scott Weiland replacement” what a name. Jesus, how rude.

    • Michael Dolce

      While i get the frustration for many of the article titles expressed, in this case, if he said Dave Coutts I’d be like huh?? Who dat? And I LOVE that Talk Show record lol. In this case, it also keeps it relevant to keywords Scott Weiland and COULD BE (though obviously not) in relation to the new STP singer which also makes it relevant. All in all, this one isn’t that egregious a title in comparison to many others

    • Alternative Nation

      We have the full interview going up later this week, with Dave’s name in the headline (but also STP so more people see it). For these preview articles, we have to do the most SEO friendly headlines. People aren’t Googling Dave Coutts as much as Stone Temple Pilots and Scott Weiland. More people see what he is saying with these headlines. -Brett

  • Peter Billyeald

    brilliant solo album 12 bar blues? Of all the cd’s I’ve ever purchased, I probably only have 2 or 3 that I would consider mostly shit. And one of those is 12 bar blues. It has maybe 3 or 4 good songs on it, and even those I wouldnt be caught dead listening to in public.

    Oh, and I just wanted to mention, the first rock show I ever attended was Talk Show opening for the foo fighters. I went strictly to see talk show as I was a huge stp fan, and really liked the single hello hello. They ended up playing a gnarly cover of prodigy’s breathe, as well as, I think silvergun superman. Never forget being able to see them, and pre-mega famous foo fighters playing in a university gymnasium.

    • dulcetpine

      I loved that album, it was absolutely different but it really spoke to me at the time and encouraged me to explore atypical tones and approaches to music writing. Admittedly it wasn’t for everyone, but that’s also what I loved about it.