Dave Grohl Reveals How Steroids Helped Him


In a new KLOS 95.5 interview, Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl discussed taking steroids to help him when he lost his voice recently. Alternative Nation transcribed his comments.

Interviewer: You lost your voice recently. What was that due to?

Dave Grohl: It was because I got a cold. Yeah,  so I got a cold and I thought this will be perfect and we played this outdoor stadium in Seattle and just totally blew it out. The next day I woke up, we had two days off, I woke up, I went to speak normally and it sounded like this (speaks in high pitch squeal). It was like oh my God, what happened to my voice?

So I thought okay, let’s see what happens tomorrow. And I’m like-makes high pitch Pee Wee Herman style throat clear- . So i went to this vocal guy and he looked for nodes and nodules and stuff and it’s fine. I don’t have those. I just ha laryngitis.

So I took steroids- which are rad by the way.

Interviewer: Yeah, your muscles look awesome right now.

Dave Grohl: Didn’t have anything to do with that, no (laughing).