Scott Weiland Reveals ‘Horrifically Real’ Fear Of Death In Eerie Newly Released Interview


The Rolling Stone Music Now podcast have released a previously unheard interview with late Stone Temple Pilots and Velvet Revolver frontman Scott Weiland to mark the two year anniversary of his death. In the introduction the host of the podcast mentions the eerie feeling of the interview, as Weiland frequently discusses death and drugs. The interview was conducted around the release of Velvet Revolver’s Libertad in 2007. Alternative Nation transcribed Weiland discussing his brother’s death.

“All I was doing was running from the responsibilities of being a father and being a husband. All I wanted the most was to finally be a man, but it was so hard to take that step, and begin that journey.

I felt like I was trapped in this eternal Peter Pan complex, and I really think being in a band, especially once you become a celebrity, it sort of enables you to stay in that mode, and to not accept responsibilities for your actions. If you’re making money for other people, why not? Rock stars are expected to fuck up and that, which is cool. There are certain parts, I don’t really regret anything I did, except for the emotional injury that I caused other people.

It really came crashing through when my brother died, seeing the reality and finality of it all, and how crushed I was, and how crushed my mother and my father were. They had to deal with that on a daily basis, the potential fear of that happening to either one of us for years. My wife as well, anytime that could happen to the father of our children. But when that happened to my brother, it all seemed horrifically real.

I always kind of felt I was unbreakable, like I was a cockroach or something. I could outlive an atomic bomb. When I got the call that a friend of my brother’s had found him dead, and I had to come over there because the police were over there. I saw him lying in his bed, I had to identify his body, and he had gone through and lived through the same sort of situations that I had. He lived through OD’s, he’d been busted, and made it through numerous arrests without going to prison. There it was, it was final. You can’t get any more real than that.”

  • Stone Gossardish

    At least this isn’t morbid or anything.

    • Karen

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  • OkcPig

    What you fear most will meet you halfway

  • Raj

    I wished he hadn’t ended up like his brother being found dead lying in a bed.

  • makingconnections

    I hope Scott’s brutal honesty is of help to people, especially those who become celebrities. I sometimes think of what that must do to a person, seeing the thousands of people madly cheering for you because of your performances. How do people manage to stay real, like some seem to do, with that sort of attention?

    I believe every person has a time in their life where they particularly shine and we wish we could stay in that place forever…that feeling must be much more intense if you’re a gifted singer, and yet how can we expect them to carry on shining so brightly for their whole careers?

    • Kay B

      It also takes a strong person to realize their faults. Scott is my fav, but he was an absent father and husband at the time. He knew it and his family knew it. His weakness with addiction got in the way.

      • makingconnections

        How true Kay. I always think we’re here to learn certain lessons and I believe Scott Weiland did his life’s work his honesty shows.

        • Kay B

          I think sometimes he was trying his best and other times he knew he could have done better. He was surrounded by many enablers in his last few years. Getting fired from STP should have woken him up but I guess he was too far down that hole. I think his kids are being very mature about his death considering he was only around them for photos on the red carpet. I love my Scott but he could have done better for his kids if he wanted to in my opinion. But that time past and he became a broken cage. I miss him but I’m just being honest.

          • makingconnections

            I think so many of us love his music and he was so beautiful as he performed–he was pure joy, in my opinion anyway. I know he was a failure in his personal life; however, he tried to explain himself as he did slide down and down. In some ways that’s a gift to us I think. You’re watching me and her i go….this is what happens when you can’t cope with addiction and emotional problems. He is the most honest person in that way. He performed as he was at each stage. One person said: “how can you like him, when I think of him I think pure junkie!” I don’t, I think of him as everything….a vibrant young man, an addict, an alcoholic and then gone because he couldn’t cope. I don’t think less of him for that…it’s simply what happened to him. I think he’s amazing, despite his inadequacies. I don’t think he could reach that part of himself to be what he wanted to be for his children but I think they can read his heart. They seem healthy and maybe he’s watching over them now. i know that’s what we both hope. I think we both feel the same way about Scott Weiland.

          • makingconnections

            I just read my last post….geez I carry on sometimes Kay….

          • Kay B

            Yea but at least you make sense and you have grammar skills. He he.

          • makingconnections

            I’m “Ramblin’ Jack Elliott”……the only time his name will be mentioned on this site. I’ve never heard him but I’ve always identified with the title.