Interview: Seether Frontman Reveals Why Kylie Jenner Is A Terrible Role Model & Pearl Jam Are ‘Epic’


A little over a week ago at the great Welcome to Rockville festival featuring great performances by bands like Soundgarden, Alternative Nation had the opportunity to interview Seether frontman Shaun Morgan. We discussed their upcoming album Poison the Parish (out tomorrow), Rise Above Fest, and what’s going on with music today. You can watch the full video interview and read select quotes below.

Morgan spoke candidly about today’s social media generation, “There’s a lot of things happening in the world socially, the whole social media dominance, and how it’s telling children that being famous is the only important thing. Take pictures of your tits and ass and you’ll get millions of followers, and you’ll make money, and it’s like man, is that really what I want for my kid?”

I responded, “Kylie Jenner. Are you subbing her?”

Morgan responded, “I’m looking at you!”

He also discussed Pearl Jam’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction, “It’s about time. I mean, I think that’s a great band and they’ve consistently been a great band. They tour and they still give to their fans, and I mean they play epically long sets. I don’t know how they do that. It’s a great band that really deserves the recognition so I’m stoked, I think it’s awesome.”

  • Jason Pequin

    I’m as big of a PJ fan as they come, and celebrated their induction, but “it’s about time”? This was their first year of eligibility, so they were not overdue nor overlooked like many of the artists appearing on Jeff Ament’s shirt that night.

    Maybe this question caught him off guard or unprepared. I did find it quite surprising that his list of bands that influenced him included many of my all time favourites, yet I have never really cared for the music Seether puts out. Maybe i’ll give them another chance.

    • nomad

      I’m thinking a lot of artists don’t really pay attention to the RnR HOF induction “rules” because they’re so ambiguous. I also don’t think a lot of them care about it anyway.