New Smashing Pumpkins Album Called ‘Super Overproduced’ In Early Review


A Smashing Pumpkins fan who attended a listening party for the band’s new album Shiny and Oh So Bright Vol. 1/LP: No Past. No Future. No Sun. has posted thoughts:

“Went to NYC listening party last night… Ummm, what can I say…

Rick Rubin’s imprint is all over this album

Super over-produced, more than any other SP album.

With Sympathy is a solid track along with Silvery.

Alienation is the weakest track by a long way.

Was a little disappointed that Jimmy is not showcased at all except on Solara.

Guitars aren’t a focal point, this album is all about the songwriting and instrumentation beyond what the band could play live.

Billy’s vocals are right out front but we all knew that that would be the case with Rubin.

It’s ambitious, well done Billy.”

They also wrote, “If I had to review it for you it would be this: the album’s called Shiny and oh so bright. This album is exactly that, very Shiny in production and bright in disposition. The emotional dynamic isn’t a rollercoaster like MCIS or SD. If you could bottle the feel of the recent live show into an album, this is it.”

The new Smashing Pumpkins album reunites Billy Corgan, James Iha, and Jimmy Chamberlin for the first time since 2000’s MACHINA albums.

  • Jay_the_Sharp

    How do I always miss these listening parties!? Guess i’m not a Cool Kid™. I have too much time on my hands.

    • cdreyes81

      They did promote it

  • Ron Brown

    People seem to forget that Corgan made Siamese Dream and MCIS, setting the bar very high. Nothing he does will ever be able to match those albums. But, other albums have been good. The albums for the past decade are average.

    • Fuzzmosis

      I think they just winged the new project.

      I was hoping that with JC back and the 3 guitarists that we might get more of the SP guitar driven jam sound, but so far these 3 songs have been a disappointment

  • Stone Gossardish

    Ole Bitter will come out with some backlash after these reviews, we can be sure of.

  • Trovoid

    Rick Rubin has gotten lazy and gone downhill over the years. Albums like Blood Sugar Sex Magik sounded great along with Audioslave and Toxicity. But he (and those he works with) screwed up a lot of stuff since then. He’s a big part of the loudness wars in music and he tends to mix vocals poorly (they tend to be dry and high in the mix).

  • Bobtail Sage

    “Super over-produced, more than any other SP album.”

    Uh, no…not
    even close. This is probably one of the rawest productions SP has made
    other than Zeitgeist and MTAE. Instrumentation and vocals are extremely
    dry and the mix (IMO) needs some serious tweaking in places. There are a
    few overdubs here and there, but “overproduced” it is definitely not.
    Machina, anyone?

    That said…I found it an enjoyable listen, and
    even downright loved a few of the tracks (even some that ‘important twitter reviewer #1′ thought were “weak”). Jimmy’s drumming is showcased very well on
    “Marchin’ On” as well. Classic face-melting track. ymmv