Soundgarden Member Shares Beautiful Note Chris Cornell Left Him


Soundgarden and Pearl Jam drummer Matt Cameron put up a new tribute post in honor of his late bandmate and friend Chris Cornell. He shared a handwritten note that Cornell gave him at some point during their 33 year friendship.

It says, “Take it easy over the summer. Stay sweet. Love, Chris.”

The second photo in the post is a photo of Matt hugging his wife April, followed by a photo of Soundgarden hugging, and concluding with an image of Matt himself.

Cameron wrote as a caption to the post, “‘Stay sweet’ and hug those you love. ❤”

Since Chris Cornell’s death last May, Matt Cameron released his debut solo album Cavedweller later in the year. Cameron and Kim Thayil accompanied Vicky Cornell to a Human Rights Watch gala honoring Chris Cornell in November.

See Cameron’s touching tribute below.

"Stay sweet" and hug those you love. ❤

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90’s Soundgarden photographer Kevin Westenberg recently announced on Instagram:

“SOUNDGARDEN are currently in the process of releasing the first material since Chris’s untimely passing. Turns out that the initial greatest hits collection, ‘A-Sides’ was never released on vinyl. Now that vinyl is “back”, this album on vinyl will soon be re-released. Of course this makes perfect sense especially for sound quality. Release date TBC.

Sourcing new unseen photos and refining the older photos in the original package is now under way with various images being looked at for inclusion. I went through a period 20-25 years ago where I felt that with certain artists, a black background was the purest form of expression. In my mind it was also representative of the anti-white background. This represented the opposite of commerciality, which also allowed visual focus on the artists face, expression and enhanced the dark mood of the era. The void and black space always meant more to me in my earlier works, than the parts of the photo one could see.

If there was ever a subject that would fit this prerequisite, it was Soundgarden and my vision of what Soundgarden was for me as a band. This set up was also part of the 18 hour marathon shoot at the Ok Hotel for the DOWN ON THE UPSIDE campaign. Good Times. Photo: Kevin Westenberg. #kevinwestenberg #realfilmrealwestenberg #soundgarden #chriscornell #benshepherd #kimthayil #mattcameron #hiroyamamoto #grunge #metal #love #throwback #instagram #badmotorfinger #ultramegaok #superunknown #downontheupside #asides #filmsnotdead #bw #blackandwhite #classic #goodtimes”

  • Olga Stewart

    Damn it Matt but that got me right in the feels. :).

    And that note was pure Chris. *big smile*

    • Agatha

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      • Tony Manley

        What a Way to fck it up Agatha.

  • Cristiann

    Aww, Chris. ♥️

    Matt is so sweet. I hope he and the other guys are doing well. <3

  • Agreed,,,,,just makes me want to cry……. I can tell he is hurting. Those of us who believe CC”s death wasn’t as its claimed to be, can’t believe the disrespect the industry has given to CC, but thank you Matt, for sharing your heartfelt words and love you had for CC. Love & Light to you all he left behind.