Watch Soundgarden Reunite With Chris Cornell’s Family To Unveil Statue


Photo credit: @pickaway on Twitter

All three of Soundgarden’s surviving members Kim Thayil, Matt Cameron, and Ben Shepherd reunited for the unveiling of Chris Cornell’s statue at the MoPOP in Seattle. Cornell’s widow Vicky and children Lily, Toni, and Christopher were also present.

Vicky Cornell announced a statue would be erected at Seattle’s Museum of Pop Culture back in July, the AP reported. The announcement came on what would have been Cornell’s 54th birthday.

Vicky Cornell commissioned sculptor Nick Marras to create a life-size bronze statue of her late husband in his signature boots, dog tag and long locks. She says it is her family’s gift to “the tight-knit community that gave him his start.”

The Grammy-winning lead vocalist for Soundgarden and Audioslave was found dead in a Detroit hotel room hours after a Soundgarden concert May 18, 2017. A medical examiner determined the 52-year-old died by suicide.

Cornell was born and raised in Seattle.

Vicky Cornell wrote on Instagram, “You are my love, my life, my destiny…. happy birthday #chriscornellforever.”

View photos and video from the unveiling below.

  • Olga Stewart

    This was awful.

    Especially the part where the kids were both up there at the front and unveiling the statue.

    Thank god Ben, Kim, and Matt were there to support those kids.

    Oh and the statue doesn’t even look like Chris.

    • Anonymous501

      Yah from that video/picture it doesn’t look like him at all 🙁

      • Olga Stewart

        The sculptor had a photo to work from.

        So I have no idea how he got it wrong.

        • ellie

          I don’t think the artist did this. The mold looked exactly like Chris. Vicky must have had the artist thin his nose and make him expressionless. For any of you that have seen Chris in concert, and seen this pose…did he have an expressionless face? No, he didn’t. His face always showed the emotion of the song.

    • HippieChic61

      We get it, you hate vicky, but can you please not say negative things about his children.

      • makingconnections

        You’re grasping at straws here–no one ever says anything negative about the children Hippie….you’re making it worse by suggesting to them that they are anything but innocent victims in all this drama. I am only on this site and I’ve never heard anyone do anything but wish the children well, especially Olga.

        • HippieChic61

          “This was awful.Especially the part where the kids were both up there at the front and unveiling the statue.”
          -Another beautiful statement by Ms. Olga.

          It does indeed say something negative about the kids…She says its AWFUL..then adds…”ESPECIALLY the part where the kids are at the front”…..How, other than rude, could that possibly be taken by his kids?

          She needs to stop assuming these kids live a tortured life with their mother. And it wasnt “both” kids Olga, it was all three, even though that doesnt fit with the narrative you’ve been pushing that Lily isnt a part of their life.
          MC, How am I suggesting they aren’t innocent victims? Im defending them against statements suggesting THEY were the ESPECIALLY AWFUL part of the unveiling, as Olga so pleasantly said above.
          Also, when you attack their mother constantly, its offensive to them!

          • makingconnections

            O.K., here’s how I see it — always very different than your vision when we talk about Vicky Cornell.

            Just the fact that she is discussed so much is because she puts herself out there in the public domain. She has had so many terrible experiences, I believe because of her carelessness in choosing interviews, having her children make public appearances and on and on. My most important role in my life has always been being a mother and caring deeply about all children so I definitely have opinions about her choices.

            I also believe that there is energy flying around between us and that we should try to protect our children from negativity. I don’t believe we should put them in emotionally confusing situations if we can help it. (Sometimes we have to hold back on our own activities if it would reflect on our kids or embarrass them or even have the possibility of making life more difficult for them.) My children are old enough now that they wouldn’t allow me to because I’ve always tried to discern when an event or a public statement was my business and I tried not to speak for them. They now stand very tall as individuals and are very different one from the other. They are not people pleasers, thank God. They tell me to back off often–our lives are far from perfect!

            At Chris’s memorial, in my opinion, there was no need for them to be at the front with the priest–they each could have been another person in the community gathered to honour their loved one. Instead, there was a priest who asked the people to clap for the family gathered…I consider that a very unhealthy thing to do and you tell me who’s responsible for putting them in the public eye, with emotionally confused looks on their faces?

            Never do I think Vicky Cornell means any harm by what she does and I’ve said that many times. I’ve also said that perhaps she’s having a protracted grief period because she was so busy with public appearances in the early days of loss that she delayed the whole process. That would be understandable; we do anything to avoid grief at times.

            I also believe and have stated previously that I believe the complete Karayiannis family and the extended Cornell family love the children immensely and they will always be surrounded by caring people. I don’t accuse them of anything other that carelessness that it pains me to see.

            I don’t push an agenda of Lily not being part of anything–how would I know about the family dynamics and she expresses her love for Vicky Cornell often so I assume “it’s all good” in that regard.

            One thing I’ve learned lately, and it’s very evident on here, is that we don’t seem to have an easy time discussing our different opinions without lecturing, attacking and almost being violent with each other at times. I risk sounding self-righteous (a quality I really dislike in myself and others!), but I’m wanting to work on this–to try to develop more wisdom in the way I express myself to those I disagree with. We don’t need to so easily be destructive towards each other when we feel differently about any subject. I have my work cut out for me and I think many others do to.

            Also, I believe Olga meant that it was awful that the children, once again, were pressured to be in an emotionally confusing situation with the statue unveiling. How is one to act– what are they to say– what are the gathered people to say? Often statues are put up many years after the passing of a famous person in order to honour them and the whole experience is much easier.

          • HippieChic61

            I respect your opinions MC. I have zero issues with our conversations, even when we dont agree.
            I enjoy our friendly banter and your posts very much!

            Olga’s assumptions are just too much for me though. Its obvious she despises Vicky, and that’s ok, but ffs, stop with the constant negative posts, the woman lost her husband for Christ’s sake! ” We don’t need to so easily be destructive towards each other when we feel differently about any subject.” Exactly, Olga is as entitled to her opinion as anyone else, but there’s no reason to be so callous in her posts about Vicky, that Chris’s kids may be reading. Maybe more posts about her love of Chris would seem a more fitting and more positive way to move his legacy forward with love. Why assume the kids were pressured? As a family they obviously decided it was a workable time to do it, it may have even been therapeutic for them.

            As a side note, it may seem I’m attacking Olga’s opinions, when my intentions are only to protect Vicky from people who would spend months and months and months posting their disdain for her.

          • makingconnections

            Yes, it’s good to respond to those you disagree with–we probably often just don’t bother or express anger.

            Anyway, I’ll keep it brief for a change!

            As long as Vicky puts herself forward as she does, she’ll will receive accolades from some and disdain from others. It’s been established and if I was her friend I’d ask her to consider why she wants this. I believe the statue event was very painful and as statues have a long tradition, she might have had someone advise her that it’s too soon…the loss is still hurting all those that love Chris Cornell.

            I know as a mother and knowing family dynamics to some degree, that you can’t make certain decisions “as a family” until the children are mature. They look to their parents for guidance and will agree with almost anything that is suggested. They want to belong, they want to please us and we have so much power over them. It pains me so much to see the looks on the children’s faces at the unveiling. It’s not a party, rather it’s a time of emotional confusion that they could have done without in my opinion. Sometimes all of us can be misguided in our efforts and not realize when what we ask of our children is just too much.

            Maybe it doesn’t matter and you still want to respond to Olga’s posts; however, I think she has you on ignore and she’s quite disciplined so probably doesn’t read what you write. I think she gives a voice to what many are thinking and she’s very honest about stating what she believes.

            I think we’ve all learned so much through these conversations and I often remember a conversation from months ago when something strikes a nerve in day-to-day life. That wouldn’t happen if we weren’t talking it out. Take care.

  • makingconnections

    I don’t understand any of it…Yahoo.

    Our culture is getting creepier and more bizarre by the day.

  • Patricia McDonald

    Notice Ben’s hand gesture in top photo?

    • Olga Stewart

      That tells me all I need to know about what a lot of people think about this statue.

  • ellie

    What happened to the sculpture after it was bronzed?? Before, Chris’ mouth was slightly open and the bridge of his nose was wider, I thought it looked good. Looking at it now, it it looks like they put someone elses head on Chris’ body.

  • Cristiann

    Again, I’m clearing in the minority here. I guess this is just the norm now and I will have to get used to the consistent negativity among some fans.

    I think this event was a beautiful display of unity. It brought all three remaining Soundgarden members back together in a very public way. It made me SO happy and emotional to see Ben with Matt and Kim here. And frankly, I didn’t see anything wrong with his “hand gestures”. He was obviously just being playful with the crowd and people are (like always) reading too much into things. If Ben had a problem with Vicky or with the statue itself, then he never would have bothered going to the unveiling.

    The vibe among everyone at this event felt very warm and positive to me. The SG guys went there to support not just Chris, but also to show support to his family and to the people in Seattle. I didn’t sense any hostility towards Vicky from anyone there — if anything it seemed quite the opposite. This statue (which looks awesome imo) was her gift to the art/music community there and I think a lot of people are thankful for that. It was also great to see Christopher with his sisters out in public again. This is the first time I’ve seen all of them (Ben, Kim, Matt, Vicky, the kids, fans, etcs) together and smiling again since Chris passed away last year.

    Like I said, I know I’m in the minority here, but I (personally) felt a certain amount of peace while seeing all of them there … united for Chris. It was just really nice to see all the love/support and I hope we will continue to see that spirit of unity in the future.

  • BranFAN

    Good to see Ben, Kim, and Matt. I don’t really like the statue, but I think it’s a great idea to have something in Seattle to honor him.

  • Raj

    Chris Cornell forever!