Watch Tool Reveal Incredible New Album Secret


Tool guitarist Adam Jones has revealed guitar pedals he is using on the band’s new album in a new live video on his Instagram page. Fans reacted to the pedals on the Tool Reddit.

MasonWindu4 posted:

This is probably his pedalboard for one song on the album lol

hellboy1975 posted:

Yep – I imagine when recording a guitar part, you only want the minimum number of required pedals attached to the rig. This photo is likely the setup for one song, or even just one part of it.

nosmokingbandit posted:

Good pedals have ‘true bypass’ where the signal doesn’t go through the circuit board if it is off. But most don’t and the signal goes through the board but isn’t modified. Except it is modified a little since there will always be additional noise and eq shaping, when if it is very minimal.

It’s also just kind of a pain in the ass having all that stuff to navigate though.

StarJelly08 posted:

Yep. Audio engineer here. We are supposed to always use the minimum amount of equipment required. Ideally anyway. Highest signal quality that you can achieve is the one with the least amount of things between the source and the output. Even if bypassed, there is signal loss. Theres even minute but measurable signal loss going from a short to longer cable, like you said. Due to the natural electrical resistance, and possible tiny damages. The longer the cable, the longer the signal has to encounter damages or resistance. Same with pedals. Everything has noise/resistance/and possibly tiny damages. Now, no one would probably ever notice it with just one or two things, but the more you add to the chain the more it adds up and becomes noticeable.

nosmokingbandit posted:

The fun thing about all of this is that sometimes signal loss can be a good thing if it gets the sound you want. I remember reading a while ago that George Thorogood used some no-name Japanese import hollow-body to record some stuff because it sounded awful but it was exactly what he wanted. Good sound is partly objective and partly subjective, which makes it fun to analyze.