Sports Icon Reveals How Pearl Jam Stopped Him From Committing Suicide


NBA legend Dennis Rodman discussed his love of Pearl Jam in a new on Undeniable with Joe Buck. Rodman remembered a day in April 1993 when he was sitting in his car with a gun on his lap outside the Palace of Auburn Hills.

“I really don’t think about that too much, but man, that was a life changing experience for me. Something that saved me was the fact that I was listening to Pearl Jam a lot.”

Buck asked, “Pearl Jam saved your life?”

Rodman responded, “Pretty much. That’s all I listened to the whole time.”

“I think it’s the lyrics. I think I was listening to a song called ‘Black.’”

Buck then asked if Vedder knows this story, and if he has told him.

Rodman said, “He knows that.”

He said he actually became a fan of Pearl Jam after meeting Vedder, and Vedder recommending he check out his band.

“So I went and got that album, I would play it every day, every day. For some reason, that song [‘Black’] was on, I think that saved my life.”