Stone Temple Pilots Guitarist Accused Of Violently Assaulting Wife


TMZ is reporting that Dean DeLeo — guitarist for the rock band, Stone Temple Pilots — is heading for divorce … and his wife claims he’s an abusive, drunken mess who makes her fear for the lives of her and their daughter.

According to the legal docs … Jenn DeLeo filed for divorce a couple weeks ago, just days after he made violent threats to her, admitted he was cheating and told her to get out of the house … and did it in front of their 6-year-old daughter, June.

Jenn claims Dean’s scary behavior started in 2012, shortly after they were married and she gave birth to June. She says he started abusing alcohol and drugs, and once took their baby into the ocean “while he was completely inebriated” … nearly letting her drown.

According to the docs, Jenn says Dean physically assaulted her months later after another drinking binge when she found him in the garage passed out with the car running and the garage door closed. She claims when she woke him he got angry, vomited, then threw her around and almost killed her. She says he’s attempted to strangle her several times over the years.

Jenn also accuses Dean of abusing his son from a previous marriage and telling her he could have his ex-wife killed … which makes her constantly live in fear. Jenn claims Dean’s temper is so out of control, she and June always walk on eggshells. And, she says he’s threatened suicide if she leaves him … saying she’ll find him hanging like their personal friend, Chester Bennington.

Dean allegedly assaulted Jenn once again before Thanksgiving 2017 when she confronted him about his extramarital affairs. Jenn says she was going to press charges but changed her mind to avoid ruining the holiday … but now wishes she had.

Dean DeLeo has yet to respond to these allegations.

Jenn DeLeo tweeted, “I want to give a shout out to anyone who’s in a domestic violence situation! It’s not your fault for staying so long. Please find the strength to leave. Once you do it’s beautiful.❤️ sending love #domesticabuse #metoo.”

“I was in one with #Deandeleo for the past 8 years!!!”

  • Chuck Lemieux

    I would never of thought that of Dean. Very disappointed to say the least. I wonder if the tour will go on?

    • Corndog

      The guy doesn’t even get to offer his side of the story before you decide it’s true and become disappointed in him?

      If he did these things, then absolutely he is a complete scumbag, but does anyone remember when folks used to be innocent until proven guilty?

      • IrregularJohn

        If he is “abusing alcohol and drugs” though then it was pretty hypocritical of him to badmouth late Scott Weiland all these years.

        • Corndog


  • Chris Ross

    those are bold claims (and many of them) to make if all of it is not true. I am sure there is some truth behind it, but no telling how much.

    I swear. This band makes it harder and harder to be a fan.

  • Gary Reilly

    I hope it’s not true. Dean at least deserves for his side of the story to be heard before anyone passes any judgement; there have been many occasions before where lawyers/divorces/money have led to many exaggerated and sometimes wholly untrue claims. Of course, if he admits to doing any of this, he deserves to be called out for it also.

    • Dave Wight

      If it’s true he deserves a beating…

  • Raj

    Let’s see if these are true but Dean was abusing a lot back in the STP heyday and try to pin and blame it all on Scott. Dean was using back in the day look at how poorly he has aged compared to his brother. His face is haggard and he’s overweight. He looks a like a mess but in his eyes Scott Weiland “cost him millions of dollars” and Shangri La was supposed be STP’s 7th album not the 5th.

    • Dave Wight

      Well he did allegedly clean up and Weiland was off the tracks during the reunion tour.

  • Dave Wight

    I think she’s implying he either killed Scott Weiland or he hired Courtney Love to kill him.

    Never want to end up getting MeToo’d

  • Carol Sindle

    Has anyone read this statement . some of it makes no sense also who is this new guy she’s with joe perrys son? she looked happy on ig as a peach until she met this new bf. i do know from someone she abandoned her 3 kids in nj 8 years ago just sayin