Axl Rose Falls Asleep At Guns N’ Roses Concert


Axl Rose taking a ‘nap’ at a Guns N’ Roses show before it started was recently revealed. The rockin’ members over at Steel Panther were recently interviewed over on The Guns N’ Roses centric podcast Appetite For Distortion recently. Guns N’ Roses recently debuted their first new reunion song. The band recalled a story when they opened for Guns N’ Roses during one of their tours. Excited to soundcheck and open for Axl Rose and company, they found out this was impossible because the Guns N’ Roses frontman was napping! Axl Rose revealed a stunning new haircut a few days ago. Alternative Nation transcribed the comments.

Brando: I was wondering if you had any Guns N’ Roses experiences?

Steel Panther member: You know, we opened for Guns N’ Roses at the Forum [In Englewood, California]. We weren’t allowed to soundcheck because Axl [Rose] was taking a nap.


Steel Panther member: I’m not kidding, and I say that story as “oh he’s a dick” or anything like that.

Brando: ” No, it’s funny!

Steel Panther member: I just think it’s a fucking awesome story. Like:

“Guys we are gonna hold off on soundcheck.”

Steel Panther member: And we were like:


Steel Panther member: We had just gotten the call three days before the show, I don’t know if they didn’t have an opener, it didn’t matter because it was sold out and people were there to see Guns N’ Roses. Steel Panther weren’t going to add anything to the bill, it was just a cool opportunity for us and we were like:

“Fuck! when you get the call to open for Guns N’ Roses, you answer it.”

Steel Panther member: So we were at The Forum in Englewood and they were like:

“Guys we gotta hold off on soundcheck.”

Steel Panther member: We are like:

“Fuck, we just wanna soundcheck!”

Steel Panther member: Since we are so excited and shit and they’re like:

“Axl is taking a nap!”

Brando: On the stage?! Where was he?

Steel Panther member: Apparently, he was within earshot of it. We’re like:

“What do you mean, can’t he sleep on the bus?”

Steel Panther member: And they’re like:

“Axl’s napping!”

Steel Panther member: So we got our football out, and threw the football around while he was sleeping and ended up doing the show. It was a tough show. When you open for a band like Guns N’ Roses, everybody is there to see them and they wouldn’t give a fuck if Jesus was on stage, they would still be asking for Guns N’ Roses. Axl Rose’s ex-wife recently broke her Guns N’ Roses silence

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