Stone Temple Pilots React To ‘Extremely Horrible’ Singer Auditions: ‘Make It Stop!’


Stone Temple Pilots drummer Eric Kretz discussed the band’s singer search in a new Sirius interview. Jeff Gutt joined him for the interview.

“It was over 15,000 [online singer submissions], and we went through them all, and some were extremely talented, some were fantastic, some were extremely horrible, some were comical.”

“Especially when my kids would be sitting behind me, and they’d just keep hearing the same song over and over from different singers: ‘Dad make it stop, these people are horrible.’ We actually had some country singers submit, and man they had beautiful voices. It was great to hear a little twang on stuff like Trippin’ on a Hole and Interstate Love Song.”

“I would do four hour blocks, because then my brain would be kind of foggy by then. As we’re listening to them, another 1,000 would come in. This isn’t gonna end. It was something new and exciting, it was a great little adventure to go on. Of course Jeff didn’t even submit, he just showed up and blew us away.”

Watch the full interview below, where Kretz also discusses Robert DeLeo discovering Jeff Gutt while on tour with Hollywood Vampires in 2016.

  • Olga Stewart

    Headphones kids.


  • if they only knew me…

  • A J

    They need to hang it up or at least stop referring to themselves as STP

  • Drabo

    Ha HA~ It’s just Effin’ Laughable to Hear & See how Cocky the Inside Job Getting Jeff Gutt IS. These/The Guys from STP got FOOLED into Risking/Throwing in their Careers with the “X-Factor LOSING, Karaoke TV Singer” …And the future will soon reveal that! Drabo. B-}