Howard Stern Calls Out Brutal Freddie Mercury Ripoff


Howard Stern discussed Queen and the estate of Freddie Mercury being ripped off by not receiving any money from the Bohemian Rhapsody biopic on a show this week. recapped: Robin had Howard play Queen’s ”Bohemian Rhapsody” and then said that the BBC interviewed Brian May the other day and he says the band hasn’t seen a dime from the movie of the same name. Howard said it was about Freddie Mercury though so do they have anything to do with it? Robin said she thinks they collaborated. Robin had some audio of Brian talking about how they haven’t earned a penny from that movie yet. Howard played a clip of Marfan Mike singing ”Bohemian Rhapsody.” He said that’s Mike doing all the parts. Robin said she’s not sure why they went to Adam Lambert. Howard said he would have gone to see this.

Robin read a story about Tim Conway dying at the age of 85. Robin said they say he lapsed into dementia in the last few months of his life. Robin said he had a stellar career though. Robin said he was on McHale’s Navy. She had some clips of the theme for Howard to play. Howard didn’t remember it until it started playing. Howard said that’s the same band that did Robin’s Guatemalan theme. Robin had the Carol Burnett show theme to play too since Tim was on that show. Robin said what Howard might not know is that Tim was the voice of Barnacle Bob on SpongeBob SquarePants. Robin had some audio of him playing that part. Howard said he can’t believe he’s not on a cartoon.

Howard took a call from Queen’s accountant who turned out to be Beetlejuice. Howard asked him some questions and Beetlejuice had nonsense answers. Robin said that Tim Conway wanted this song to play at his funeral. It was Willie Nelson’s ”Angel Flying Too Close to the Ground.” Howard did a live commercial read a short time later.

Robin read a story about a struggle going on right before Tim Conway passed away. The family wasn’t sure who was going to be in charge of his medical decisions. Robin said you have to think about that stuff.