Stone Temple Pilots Unseen 1993 Video Leaks


Nick Menza has shared never before seen video of Stone Temple Pilots behind the scenes in 1993.

“Watch previously unreleased video from 1993 of STONE TEMPLE PILOTS, filmed by Nick Menza during the “Countdown To Extinction” tour. Some of this very rare footage will be featured in Nick’s upcoming documentary film “This Was My Life: The Story Of Nick Menza”

Nick Menza: For the short time we were out with STONE TEMPLE PILOTS opening for us, and Scott refused to do sound checks so I’d go out and sing Zeppelin tunes with the band. It was a blast, would be cool to hear some of those tapes if they exist – STP is one of my favorite bands of the day.”

A fan named Fred commented, “I met STP on that tour in st.louis when megadeth did two nights here in 93 ..i worked downtown st.louis and during my lunch hour i went to stroll pass the american theater to see the vibe it was 11 am and it was the first night ..

i walk around the building and by the stage door is this group of fellas standing there and i walk up and ask has anyone seen marty friedman im a huge fan and they look at me and say i walk on to enjoy my lunch then the 2nd night i make it to the front barricade in a general admission show and see the same 4 guys i saw the day before up on stage as the opener ..that is when i put 2 and 2 together ..i had met STP on the street the day before.”

Demon Hunter Productions commented, “Saw this tour in Davenport i got there late and we missed STP but thanks for putting this out here great video and can’t wait to see the film.”