Pearl Jam ‘Continue To Grieve’ After Tragic Loss


Pearl Jam recently honored the anniversary of the Roskilde tragedy where fans died at the band’s 2000 concert, “Today we honor and remember the young men who lost their lives on June 30, 2000 and grieve with those who continue to ache in their absence – Stone Gossard, on behalf of Pearl Jam.”

JH6056 wrote on the Ten Club board, “9 beautiful lights… dimmed. But they are still shining somewhere for all who loved them and for all of us who were devastated that this happened, most of all the victims’ loved ones, & PJ & PJ’s crew/team

They didn’t play Alive for any of the US shows following this tragedy. I was at Seattle 2 in 2000 which was the last show of the US tour that year and that was the only time they played it, and to say it was “emotional” is such an intense understatement… everywhere I looked people were crying and hugging and singing or sobbing or both. Amazing to be able to share that grief with a whole arena full of people who mourned their fellow PJ fans and were broken-hearted that this happened.”

RatherStarved wrote, “I was at the EV solo show in Düsseldorf on 6/30/19. It was the most emotional show and rendition of LBC I’ve ever seen.”